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This is the Front Page of the Thrid Version of the Steam Store

The Steam Store is the virtual market place for all games and files released over Steam. Steam games such as Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 or The Ship can all be purchased through the Steam Store.
With the recent release of media files over Steam, the store has been upgraded to support the listing of media files.


The Steam Store can be found within the Steam client itself by click the 'Store' tab when in few view. It can also be found in Steam by clicking Template:Steamlinktitled.

The Steam Store is also available through your browser. It can be found at the front page of Steam Games.
The Steam Sotre has recently had a make over. This includes many new features such as LO-RES trailer previews and a news source built in. To use the new version, just click Template:Steamlinktitled.