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* '''-novideo''' - When loading a game with this parameter, the intro Valve video will not play.
#REDIRECT [[Command Line Options]]
* '''-silent''' - This suppresses the dialog box that opens when you start steam. It is used when you have Steam set to auto-start when your computer turns on. (Steam must be off for this to work.)
* '''-shutdown''' - This shutsdown Steam.
* '''-applaunch %id %c''' - This launches an Game or Application through Steam. Replace the %id with the Game/Application ID number that you want to open up, replace %c with the command line options for the Application/Game. The IDs can be found here Applaunch IDs.
* '''-login %u %p''' - This logs into Steam with the specified Username and Password combination. Replace %u with the username, and %p with the password you want to login with. (Steam must be off for this to work.)
* '''-nocache''' - This starts steam with no cache. (Steam must be off for this to work properly.)
* '''-script %s''' - This runs a Steam script. Replace %s with the script filename. All scripts must be in a subdirectory of the Steam folder called test scripts. (Steam must be off for this to work.)
* '''-wd''' - This puts the desired game in windowed mode.
* '''-w <width> -h <height>''' - This makes the desired game start up at resolution <width> by <height>
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