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Getting the most out of Steam for your Mod

There are a two things you should do to make your Mod more visible in Steam.

Store Tab

Get your Mod listed under the "Store" tab. To do this add an entry to Category:HL2 Third Party Mods or Category:HL1 Third Party Mods using these guidelines:

1. Have a short 50 words or less description of the game.
2. Include 5 screenshots in JPG format. The width of the screenshots can be no greater that 1024px, but the aspect ratio is up to you.

If your Mod becomes one of the top Mod's being played then you will appear in the store using the information you supplied in the above post.

Developer Link

Setup a developer link in the "My Games" page when a user installs your Mod.


Use the following keyvalues in your gameinfo.txt file. For example:

"developer" "Mod Team/Company Name"
"developer_url" "http://..."
"icon" "path/to/icon" 

The icon must be an uncompressed TGA 16x16 pixels in size. The path is relative to the mods installation directory (i.e where Gameinfo.txt is) and should not include the '.tga' file extension.


Use the following keyvalues in your liblist.gam. Steam will also fall back to use a "url_info" line if it exists. For example:

developer "Mod Team/Company Name"
developer_url "http://..."