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How to update firmware

Controller Dongle

  • Insert one dongle. (You may only update one at a time.)
  • Change the working directory to your OpenVR Runtime
  • Run tools\lighthouse\bin\win32\lighthouse_watchman_update.exe -d tools\lighthouse\firmware\vr_controller\watchman_dongle.bin
  • If it doesn’t succeed, re-run.
  • If it’s really stuck, re-plug the dongle and re-run. If it can’t complete the dongle might be in a bad state (aka bricked) and need to be replaced.

Pair a Dongle with a Controller

  • Have only the one dongle connected to the computer
  • For now: Press the System Button and the Application Button on the controller at the same time
  • The dongle and the controller should now be paired.

Controller Firmware

(Note: This does not include the tracking part of the controller or "watchman" board. It will only update firmware on the controller itself.)

  • Connect the controller over USB
  • Power on while pushing down on the trackpad (the trackpad click button) to get the drive "CRP DISABLD"
  • Delete the firmware.bin on the "CRP DISABLD" drive
  • Change the working directory to your OpenVR Runtime
  • Understand which firmware you want to install from tools\lighthouse\firmware\vr_controller\
  • Drag the firmware image for your controller onto the CRP_DISABLD drive. That should be one of:
    • Developer Edition wireless controller - vcf_wired_controller_vrc_v2.bin
    • GDC-era wired controller - vcf_wired_controller_vrc.bin
  • Power cycle the controller

Headset and controller tracking

For controllers, connect them in wired mode before following these instructions

  1. Open a command prompt to <steamvr install>/tools/lighthouse
  2. Run bin\win32\lighthouse_watchman_update.exe -u firmware\lighthouse_rx_watchman

This will update the firmware on all attached watchman boards, which is the tracking component of HMDs and controllers. If the update fails, run it again and it should complete the second time.

Base Station Firmware Update

  • Connect the base station over USB to a USB 2 port in your computer. A micro-usb cable is required.
  • Make sure that the cable is fully inserted in the plug of the base station. The housing might prevent the needed close connection
  • Power on while pushing the Mode button to get the drive "CRP DISABLD". This may require multiple attempts.
  • Find the 'lighthouse_tx' firmware directory in your OpenVR Runtime directory. (Example: C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\firmware\lighthouse_tx)
  • Select the appropriate file, suitable for your basestation model. For those with the development edition "Robin" basestations, use "lighthouse_tx_robin.bin"
  • Delete the firmware.bin on the "CRP DISABLD" drive (you must do this, or the next step won't work)
  • Drag the ".bin" file onto the drive (or, copy + paste)
  • Power cycle the basestation to complete installation. USB is not required during reboot.