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This mod for Source is currently in alpha development.


"A Star Trek mod by Star Trek fans - but not just for Star Trek fans."

Star Trek Enterprise: Temporal Cold War (or "E:TCW" for short) is based on the fifth Star Trek series, Star Trek: Enterprise. The modification will include every main character from the series, while the player will play the part of a security officer who was not impersonated in the TV-show. The mod is planned to be released in an episodic format. Whether a second episode will be released or not will depend on the response of the players and Star Trek fans. But after the completion of the work, a bonus pack will be released containing the entire map set that will allow anyone who wants to mod E:TCW to produce their own maps and missions. Although the modification is based on the Star Trek universe (to be more precise, on its fifth installment), we would like to produce a quality sci-fi mod which would be enjoyable for everyone who downloads it - whether they would be casual or veteran gamers, Star Trek fans or just people who love sci-fi.


"Seven million lives. This should not happen again..."

The mod's story is set between the second and third seasons of the series, after an alien probe launched a surprise attack against Earth, killing seven million innocent people. Starfleet, the fledgling organization of humanity's space exploration, recalls all of mankind's starships, and orders them to defend Earth - including the Enterprise, Earth's fastest, Warp-5 capable starship which is able to travel through the enormous distances between solar systems within a reasonable time. After the origin of the attackers becomes clear and humanity learns that the aggressor Xindi builds a much more powerful weapon to destroy Earth, Enterprise is refitted, and following a couple of scout-ships, enters the Delphic Expanse, the suspected home of the attackers. During the long and dangerous journey, the crew must fight with periolous space anomalies, hostile alien scavengers, and also with time-travelling temporal agents whose goal is to sabotage the mission - their reasons are unknown.

Main features

"...of the fastest starship mankind has ever built so far..."


"They have two settings: stun and kill... It'd be best not to confuse them."

It is unfortunately not known when the first episode of the mod will be completed. Right now, a teaser demo is under development that is going to be set aboard the Enterprise, docked in a refit dock orbiting around Earth. It is intended to be a presentation of the single player mode, and will showcase the mod's tutorial level though it is not going to be linear: the player will have the possibility to roam and explore the non-restricted areas of the spaceship before s/he reports at Chief Security Officer Malcolm Reed to begin the actual mission found in the demo.

Presentation of the Star Trek Universe

"-I've never seen your kind before, but you have made an enemy of the Klingon Empire."
"-From what I've noticed, that's not hard to do."

Although the modification will introduce several unique additions to the fictional Star Trek universe, it will follow the established Trek canon as closely as possible - without becoming obscure for non-trekker players. One such "addition" is the presence of the game's alien races. As the mod is set in a period that had not appeared in the series, it was decided to add a couple of species that were designed by the team itself. At the same time, players will also encounter with already known Star Trek species, including Andorians and Klingons. These encounters will be tied in to the series' main storyline, and therefore will not be controversial to the established canon.


"-You did all that... with a phase pistol?"
"-You're good at building things. I'm good at blowing them up."

The usable weapons will remain faithful to the series. They will consist of the standard Starfleet issue weaponry, (including a stun baton, stun grenades, phase pistols, and an assault phase rifle) and also several alien weapons, including the well-known Klingon disruptor. The player will also be able to use special non-combat devices, such as the communicator, and the scanner-like tricorder in various missions.


"Ensign, take us into warp!"

We will try to make the gameplay as interactive as possible. Besides combat-oriented missions, the player will have to participate in diplomatic missions or engineering operations. Several tools on the maps are going to be usable, just like various computer terminals and consoles. The Enterprise herself will be completely built for total exploration. In between major missions of the mod, the player will have the opportunity to roam around the ship and even be able to store items that were collected during the previous mission in his/her own quarters.


This section contains a brief excerpt of the newest Media Release, and as such, it is going to be frequently updated. The rest of the pictures can be found in the Mod's gallery whose link is listed below at the "External links" section.

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