Standard Place Names for CSS

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Place Names

The standard place names that can be used with a nav mesh are listed below:

Airplane                      Alley                         Apartment                     
Apartments                    Atrium                        Attic                         
Back                          BackAlley                     BackDoor                      
BackHall                      BackRoom                      BackWay                       
BackYard                      Balcony                       Basement                      
Bathroom                      Bedroom                       BigOffice                     
BombsiteA                     BombsiteB                     BombsiteC                     
Bridge                        Bunker                        CTSpawn                       
ComputerRoom                  ConferenceRoom                Courtyard                     
Crates                        Crawlspace                    Deck                          
Den                           DoubleDoors                   Downstairs                    
Ducts                         Dumpster                      Elevator                      
Entrance                      Entryway                      FamilyRoom                    
FarSide                       Foyer                         Front                         
FrontDoor                     FrontHall                     FrontRoom                     
FrontYard                     Garage                        Gate                          
GateHouse                     GuardHouse                    HostageRescueZone             
House                         Inside                        Kitchen                       
Ladder                        LittleOffice                  LivingRoom                    
LoadingDock                   Lobby                         Loft                          
LongHall                      MainHall                      Market                        
MeetingRoom                   Middle                        Mines                         
Office                        Outside                       Overpass                      
Patio                         Porch                         ProjectorRoom                 
Ramp                          Rear                          Roof                          
SecurityDoors                 Sewers                        Side                          
SideAlley                     SideDoor                      SideHall                      
SideRoom                      SideYard                      Stairs                        
Stairwell                     StorageRoom                   TSpawn                        
Tower                         Truck                         Tunnel                        
Underground                   Underpass                     Upstairs                      
Vault                         VendingMachines               Village                       
VipRescueZone                 Wall                          Water                         
Window                        Windows                       WineCellar