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This MP mod for Orange Box is currently in alpha development.

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Dawn breaks over the lumber mill. The area is relatively quiet after the evening of inactivity. The few employees that had been present over night were dispatched without hesitation.

Now, the few automated functions of the facility are warming up for a full day’s work. But no one remains to tend the business at hand.

Hidden, well within the compound’s borders, the privately funded militia… or terrorists depending on which side you speak with… has started to build up their defensive perimeters.

They are fully aware that an elite special forces unit has taken a portion of the compound and is already establishing their foothold. The confrontation is approaching…

And then they receive word. A merc is in the facility. He doesn’t join the special forces team, but offers to aid them for the right price. No matter. There is no time to worry about the roving soldier of fortune. Only enough time to prepare.

Special Forces Source is a new twist to a classic idea. As a Source mod, it will allow two official teams but a third independent group can choose to help either side they wish… The TOBP concept will allow teams to build up defenses and barricades before the round begins.

More information will follow as the project grows.


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"The entire purpose of Special Forces: Source is to create a squad combat mod with a “twist”.

Simply put, we all know that games like Battlefield and mods like Counter-Strike are popular and have set a series of high standards. Any new squad combat game is promptly labeled as a clone of one of the popular titles. And, in truth, far too many new mods beg to be a CS clone, but with hats… or something.

Our primary objective is to create a game that stands on its own. Game play with a few new ideas and combat that offers new and innovative challenges. The team is, therefore, challenged with creation of a squad game with emphasis on strategy and defense in addition to offensive action.

The team shall attempt to avoid traditional capture the flag and hostage rescue game modes, focusing rather on multiple clear objectives varying from map to map. Optional objectives and unlocks will be available in each round. A three party system will be used, allowing a third mercenary group to choose a side or function independently."

  • Team Operations, Building, and Planning - During the pre-round TOBP time, all three teams would have access to a staging area in the spawn zone. A map, a limited supply of turrets, a supply of repair materials, and a supply of barricade materials would be available. During game play, damaged defenses could be repaired with supplies from the staging area. And optional missions could be completed to unlock additional turrets and advanced turret drones. The staging area map could also be updated for certain events during game play.
  • Triple Threat. - Three teams will be available. An elite special forces unit, a band of militia with an unknown private financier, and mercenaries. The trick to this team system is that the mercenaries can function independently and can be hired by the other teams or simply look after their own interests.
  • Optional Objectives - A selection of map specific objectives will also be available. Teams can choose to complete and objective such as "eliminate the enemy informant" or "sabotage" in order to gain upgrades for their turrets or advanced turret drones.
  • Shop Around - Weapons will come in a wide variety including melee, sidearms, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and explosives. A current list is available on the team website.
  • Armor and Gear - There are three planned armor classes with optional helmets and riot shields to match. Also, gadgets such as "Infrared Night Vision Goggles" and "Grappling System" are also planned.
  • Upgrades - Some upgrades are unlockable, such as "Turret Drone" or "Gunship Support". Others can be bought such as a "Weapon Stabilizer" or a "Loaded Bandoleer".


  • For more, check out the official site.


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Special Forces: Source began as a mod idea founded by Legend017 and Cat-Life team leader BiGToM. It is still in early development stages as of the 18th day of October, 2008. The planning and development have been contained mostly in a private forum, but some polling has been used to take opinions from site visitors.

Recruiting has been relatively successful as the team itself grew over a couple of months to seven active members and one inactive member.

But discussions between BiGToM and Legend017 have now exceeded the original mod plans. Legend decided that he would like the Special Forces Team to be a "development studio".

Along with that change, the mod and team recently moved to a new website host.

The mod itself has started to grow considerably as development and planning has proposed a number of features and map ideas. Some twenty-one custom maps are planned so far ranging from a hotel high-rise to a modern lumber mill to an ancient temple. More then thirty different weapons and equipment options have been selected at the time of this history update.

Sure, the planning for this mod is vast in nature, but our goals are lofty. This is squad combat with a new twist.

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