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Spade is a single and multiplayer World War II modification for HL2. The purpose of this mod is to create a balance of power between realism and gameplay, both viewed as the end result of design. This mod is setting out to break the rules of team-based mods and World War II mods, and to create an experience unique to Source modding as a whole.

Plans for First Release

Allied Nations - British Commonwealth, Soviet Union Axis Nations - The Third Reich

The goal for the first release is to create a map diversity, dividing itself between maps featured in the ETO pitting the British Commonwealth against Germany from 1940-1945, as well as the USSR against Germany from 1941-1945. The goal for the initial release is 10 maps, with 5 maps per Allied nation. As patches progress, more maps will be added in the form of both official and team-endorsed custom maps.

Team Members

2ltben - Project Leader

QWERTY - Modelling, Weapons

Richy Cunningham - Web Design


The Spade Team is currently looking for programmers, mappers, additional modellers, and skinners. However, any other positions that can be filled are more than welcome to apply. To apply, e-mail 2ltben with the subject heading Spade Application.