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The documentation on how Source-TV works can be found here: Source TV. Please read this documentation first.


  • Freefly needs to be reimplemented. The biggest advantage of HLTV compared to videostreams was and still is it´s user-interactivity. It´s necessary that users can choose their camera view freely. The AutoDirector doesn't work very well anyways - most time he is showing people´s faces and the stuff happening behind them, instead of the action going on in front of them.
  • Source-TV should be able to directly connect to a gameserver like HLTV does - the build in Source-TV on the Gameserver is a nice feature though but shouldn´t be a must-have as there are many gameserver providers that does not allow Source-TV to be activated on their gameservers


  • A real life director mode, which allows someone to take control of the show and switch between preset cameras, player povs and real cameramen's angles to guide spectators through the broadcast of the match in sync with the shoutcast commentary. This is not only how real sport is broadcast, but would save bandwidth and prevent the massive lag spectators often experience when trying to watch a game.
  • A commentator system that allows a person to connect to the SrcTV and speak to all spectators on all relays, in sync with the game, maybe let him see the game without delay and then synchronize the voice and game info.
Seconded...I miss that feature from HLDS —ts2do (talk) 14:00, 26 Oct 2005 (PDT)
  • A camera man delay - There is nearly no possibility to get a 3rd party camera man. Because he joins the server as spectator (without delay) he is able to cheat: joining a voice communication tool and helping one party to win. If the camera man would have the same delay as the spectators he couldn't cheat.
  • A camera man on srctv - What if a camera man connects on the srcTv of the game server and all clients on srcTv proxies get his show? So the camera man would have a delay (for leagues) and the clients will watch him.
  • A Split screen - The ability to watch 2 (or more) players at the same time. It would also be nice if you'll be able to set different settings for each windows - for example you divide your screen to 4 windows: 1. Spectating player A in 3rd person 2. Spectating player A in first person 3. Overview 4. Specating player B--RP 08:06, 7 Jan 2006 (PST)
    • When you're playing your graphic card only renders what you can see. If you're watching 2 players the same time your graphic card needs to render twice the content! Nice feature but impossible for most users. SIzzLeopard
Multiple cameras by DEADBEFF
  • Well, apparently it is possible and it's not so heavy on people (heavy, but not as much as you would think) - click me--RP 15:56, 2 Jan 2007 (PST)
  • This feature exist in Quake 3 OSP by Orange Smoothie and dates back in 2002, so doubt if that big problem now. nshopik, 21 Jun 2009
  • Lock on anything - The ability to lock the camera to every object in the game: this is a very nice feature if you could lock your camera to a car/flag or any other object in the game.--RP 08:06, 7 Jan 2006 (PST)
  • Rebroadcast - The ability to broadcast not live games, but recorded demos over sourceTV: Useful for training purposes. Record your CSS training for example and give the trainer the ability to playback the demo on the server so every trainee can follow.--endless 16:42, 3 Oct 2006 (MET)