Source TV Buglist

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The documenation on how Source-TV works can be found here: Source TV. Please read this documentation first.

IMPORTANT: Report all found bugs via the ingame bugreport-tool first! (default-key: F4)

Serious bugs

  • When attempting use tv_record <name> to record a demo from a SourceTV proxy server, the server crashes and restart.
  • tv_dispatchmode 2 seems not to work at all
  • When cameramode is activated, all people that connect while it is active, can´t see anything - they get stuck at the map-zero-point. It can be fixed be switching cameramode off/on regularly.
  • With a LAN SourceTV behind a NAT/PAT, it's impossible to connect an other tv_relay from Internet. The reason is : master (on LAN) is in sv_lan 1, and the relay (on WAN) is in sv_lan 0.
  • When connected to a SourceTv proxy relay clients can't chat. Chat only works when connected on SrcTv of the original game server.