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Please read the Source TV documentation before posting bugs.

Note.png Note: Please report all found bugs via the ingame Bug Report Tool first! (Default key: F4)

Serious bugs

  • tv_dispatchmode 2 seems not to work at all.
    • tv_dispatchmode 1/2 do not work when the master STV server is full Mdrowber 18:28, 23 Jul 2008 (PDT)
  • When cameramode is activated, all people that connect while it is active, can´t see anything - they get stuck at the map-zero-point. It can be fixed be switching cameramode off/on regularly.
  • When connected to a server, you can't use tv_relay to let srctv connect another server - when tv_autoretry is set to 1.
  • Setting sv_visblemaxplayers on a server will also limit the player slots of any connected SourceTV
  • When tv_transmitall is activated (1) with more than 100 spectators, there's a lag of few seconds (10-20) on respawn and drop of tickrate (up and down at same time). On same server, with tv_transmitall 0, with same number of spectators, there's no problem.
you have one server with 100 people watching with transmitall and wonder why the server cant handle it? or did you use a srctv relay server on another machine?
  • Source TV in Left 4 Dead isn't working