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Source SDK Update 06/15/2009

SDK Content

  • Added source files for ten shipping TF2 maps:

SDK Tools

  • Fixed the issues with the following tools: height2ssbump, normal2ssbump, pfm2tga, splitskybox, vbspinfo, vmt_tweak, vmtcheck, shadercompile
  • Fixed an issue in studiomdl pertaining to $shadowlod


  • The texture browser automatically ignores most textures that cannot be placed on brushes or displacements, as well as anything inside a .svn folder for those using svn as their choice of versioning software.
  • Added additional auto visgroups for sprites and cubemaps
  • Separated the VRAD calls into two sequential while using HDR (-ldr and –hdr) instead of –both
  • Model browser is now created once per session
  • Displacement brush dial now has greater range
  • Added a stop button to sound previews

SDK Launcher

  • Added the ability to edit game configurations with vconfig

Source code

  • Added a new template mod that replaces the old ‘advanced’ source . This template has options for teams,classes, sprinting, prone, stamina, etc.
  • Added shader source; fxc.exe, psa.exe and vsa.exe must be placed into the dx9sdk\utilities folder and you must modify materialsystem\stdshaders\buildsdkshaders.bat to set your paths.
  • Most tonemap controller options now work in multiplayer. The ‘template mod’ map ‘sdk_teams_hdr’ demonstrates this.
  • All three mod types by default mount the required appids – Multiplayer uses 218 and mounts 320 for example. Gameinfo.txt contains a new entry ‘AdditionalAppId’ for this purpose.
  • Fixed a number of issues which caused the server to not compile in linux.

Multiplayer source code

  • Players animate with the new animation system that came along with TF2.
  • Fixed third person animations and all effects
  • Fixed SLAM issues
  • Fixed Use of UTIL_GetLocalPlayer on the server in various locations
  • Fixed a number of other bugs / asserts.

Singleplayer source code

  • Fixed a number of issues preventing the source from functioning correctly
  • Added new vehicle “hl2buggy” so that users may have both the charger and the old buggy.

Known issues

Previous releases

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