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* Steam validation rejected error message when trying to lauch maps from console in main menu, I think there was a betasdk update today causing this. [Bluestrike 24 dec]  
* Steam validation rejected error message when trying to lauch maps from console in main menu, I think there was a betasdk update today causing this. [Bluestrike 24 dec]  
** I also have this error. I have tried 3 of my own mods and i couldnt make a server. The only mod i could make a server on was sourceforts, but i couldnt see any servers available to connect to. I also tried to go back to the non beta sdk and it didnt solve anything. [[User:Imatard|Bob]] 14:28, 26 Dec 2005 (PST)
** I also have this error. I have tried 3 of my own mods and i couldnt make a server. The only mod i could make a server on was sourceforts, but i couldnt see any servers available to connect to. I also tried to go back to the non beta sdk and it didnt solve anything. [[User:Imatard|Bob]] 14:28, 26 Dec 2005 (PST)
** ts2do has posted a fix for this here [[http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Help_Desk#Extra_App_ID_set_to_211.2C_but_no_SteamAppId_FIX]]
*I get the same extra app  IDset thing and also when i try to open the map i get this message that says there are no textjures for that game and i must set it up in the option dialog box iand i have no idea what its talking about. Honestly steam cant you answer your frieken problems list or where do you answer them
*I get the same extra app  IDset thing and also when i try to open the map i get this message that says there are no textjures for that game and i must set it up in the option dialog box iand i have no idea what its talking about. Honestly steam cant you answer your frieken problems list or where do you answer them

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Tues November 22nd, 2005
We're going to run a short beta of the new Source SDK tools.

To run it, run Steam from a command line or shortcut with -beta sdk appended. If you find any bugs, please edit this page and put it in the correct category. See SDK Beta Changelist for a current list of changes.

Tuesday December 6th, 2005
There was an update to the Source SDK last evening, sorry for not announcing it quicker.
Changelog for December 5th SDK Update

Note: Be sure to run the game you wish to edit before running the SDK, to make sure you have the latest updates.

SDK General Issues/Bugs

Issues with the Source SDK launcher or items that don't fit under other categories.

  • If you roll-back from the beta SDK by removing the command line you will need to re-extract hammer and its other files from the SourceSDK GCF using GCFScape.--Skidz 15:52, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • If you are receiving the "Unable to load C:\<SteamFolder>\counter-strike souce\bin\filesystem_steam.dll" run the game you are trying to play so its content can be refreshed. This will normally fix the problem.--Skidz 15:57, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Since the beta started, Steam forgets the last tab I had open on the main screen, and defaults to Store.
  • Still get the "extra App IDset to 211, but no SteamAppId." error when using 3rd party tools like studiocompiler.
  • Steam validation rejected error message when trying to lauch maps from console in main menu, I think there was a betasdk update today causing this. [Bluestrike 24 dec]
    • I also have this error. I have tried 3 of my own mods and i couldnt make a server. The only mod i could make a server on was sourceforts, but i couldnt see any servers available to connect to. I also tried to go back to the non beta sdk and it didnt solve anything. Bob 14:28, 26 Dec 2005 (PST)
    • ts2do has posted a fix for this here [[1]]
  • I get the same extra app IDset thing and also when i try to open the map i get this message that says there are no textjures for that game and i must set it up in the option dialog box iand i have no idea what its talking about. Honestly steam cant you answer your frieken problems list or where do you answer them

SDK Launcher

  • When launching SDK, I get this error: "Can't find steam.dll relative to executable path: d:\steam_install_dir_blah\sourcesdk\bin."
    • This is not a bug, it was just problem with my configuration. Reinstalling steam helped (i had moved steam dir, so registrykeys were pointing to wrong folder).
  • Day of Defeat: Source game configuration lost when refreshing SDK content.
    • Is this solved with the latest DoD:S Update? If not, run DoD:S and then try again. --King2500 14:05, 22 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • No Configuration appears after running DoD:S.
    • This can be fixed by extracting a new GameInfo.txt from the DOD:S GCF file using nems GCFScape tool. --Skidz 15:50, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • When I try to open Hammer in the sdk launcher after downloading the beta It wont open and it tells me "The system cannot find the file specified" - X23
    • Please look above for a fix.
  • I get the 'copying files' dialog briefly everytime I launch the SDK
  • It still uses the old Steam skin!
  • It would be nice to be able to select the parts of the SDK we wanted, instead of having to download and extract the whole thing before we can use it. If the launcher were allowed to run without any content downloaded and gave a selection screen when it first ran we could save the time, bandwidth and hard drive space we are currently wasting on things we aren't interested in. Something like this, with a checkbox before each line:
Source code
 Half-Life 2
 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Map tools & samples
 Day of Defeat: Source
 Half-Life 2
 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Modeling tools & samples

And so on like that. Isn't this one of the things Steam was made for? ;-)

This is for bugs only, this is not a forum. But personal I use lots of HL2 material in DOD:S maps.
moving to feature suggestion list
  • delay in changing "current game" of 6 seconds
  • When I create a new mod, I go and edit a map and launch the game. After saving a few times, the configuration disappears from the list and is no longer available. I add the config using vconfig.exe, only to have an error that the folder is corrupt.

Hammer Editor

Put bugs having to do with the Hammer level editor under one of these categories.

  • On map load, or new map start, hammer shuts down automatically; there is no warning or error notice.
  • Maps that were copied and pasted to another folder before installing the beta will crash hammer when opened. All other vmfs open fine.
  • I still get the 'Extra App ID set to 211, but no SteamAppId' error on both machines that I have HL2 installed on when I try to launch Hammer. I tried adding the suggested '-beta sdk' to the launch verbage (via icon Properties) and still get it. I then went to second machine that did not have the Source SDK installed and installed it (supposedly latest version?) and still get the error message. I am writing a book about making maps with Hammer and need it to work!!!
  • When you enter an invalid wall width (ie 0.5) in the arch creation dialog, you get into an infinite series of "please enter an integer value" dialogs.

General Hammer issues

  • After creating an arch, or cylinder in hammer, when you resize it, some faces are deleted.
    • I would like to stress this fact above, the arch tool is very important to me and others.--Skidz 17:50, 8 Dec 2005 (PST)
    • In fact, it happens when you try to double the size (or more) of a complex brush (arch, cylinder, spike) If you have a 32x32 cylinder and want to make it 64x64 you will need to resize it to 48x48 (for example) and then 64x64.. it happens with the skew tool too. This bug makes the brush becoming 'inverted'.. (we can't see external faces anymore but we see 'internal' ones) --NykO18 11:20, 18 Dec 2005 (PST)
Cylinder and Arch tool problem.
  • Sometimes when I use the carve op it likes to delete the whole wall and then pop up a memory error when I save. It doesn't compile properly on the half-life 2 maps and sometimes pops up game not found. I can't get it to work right on props, when im in-game it kicks me out and pops up yet another anoying window saying the bsp was in error. The program itself is nice and is the first thing Valve seemed to get right.
    • Try not using the evil carve tool.
  • When making a Counter-Strike: Source map, placing an info_player_terrorist, then changing it to an info_player_counterterrorist in the entity properties window causes Hammer to crash when the change is applied.--DrBob 04:34, 4 Dec 2005 (PST)
    • This is probably actually because it's loading up a humanoid model.--DrBob 04:37, 4 Dec 2005 (PST)
    • I can't even place a info_player_counterterrorist... it crashes hammer every time.--Fain 1:30, 20 Dec 2005 (EST)
  • When starting the Hammer in DoD:S mode for the first time no DoD:S entities are available at all. I opened the example-map dod_flash to get to know the entity names. When entering them in my own map they work well but I still don't find them in the entity list.--noamik 01:02, 29 Nov 2005 (GMT+1)
    • Seems to work now. Probably due to the last update.--noamik 11:47, 01 Dez 2005 (GMT+1)
  • On a dual monitor setup, sometimes, after use for a couple of hours, the mouse disappears on the secondary monitor, however, you can still select things etc, you just can't see the cursor.
    • I haven't seen this on my own dual-head system, but I usually run the main Hammer window on the primary display. I'll try it on the secondary this evening when I get back to mapping, to see if the bug's reproducible. —Cargo Cult (info, talk) 04:48, 28 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • This is not a bug, but a very needed feature: Model viewer should remember the last used directory and the last selected model!
  • Windows Error reporter whining about hammer when closing hammer. (This happened after the "cursor lost in model browser"-bug, not shure about this two bugs may be in conjunction?)
  • Creating a sphere with 32 faces in a new and empty map will result in the fatal error "BlockArray< ?, 6, 43 > - too many blocks needed." and hammer shutting down. No problem with 8 or 16 faces.
    • Yes, 32 faces is helpful, but even moreso is the dimensions of the bounding box of the sphere you want to make. You cannot expect to make small spheres with many faces there will be a point when too many faces to fit in a small sphere.
  • Hammer refuses to remove custom configurations. It'll do it, but they continue to appear (and be used) at each Hammer restart. It's not related to the "fgd being in another folder" problem--Furyo 06:24, 25 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • When you have a group selected, and you try to carve, Hammer freezes.
Workaround: Don't carve.
  • On map load, the viewports aren't drawn. I'm using an independent window configuration. It's hard to tell when large maps are finished loading because of this.
  • Using SHIFT to invert override rotating objects in 15 degree rotations is non-functional.
Workaround: Use the Transformation Dialog (Ctrl-M)
Workaround 2: hold ALT when rotating.
  • Displacement Alphas in hammer when compiled appear inverted in-game. Such as using sand with sand/rocks as the alpha. If you have it setup in hammer one way when you compile and play it will invert the alpha. Additional notes are that this bug occurred even without the new sdk beta and therefore is a bug that I hope is fixed soon. Thanks --RomeoGuy 16:57, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
    • I have not got this problem. All alphas work fine.
Workaround: Invert Alpha before compile, but is tedious.
  • Some of the models are being rendered incorrectly by hammer. Most notably are any humanoid NPC models. You can view them in the model browser but if it attempted to be loaded into hammer itself results in crash. This therefore causes any old map with a messed up model to crash. Interesting though is that some of the messed up models load fine. One of the combine electric gate models had screwed up model while the other did not yet the whole prefab loaded properly into hammer without issue. (And just to be specific on model issues. If I look in model broswer for example with NPC models it will draw a like blobish looking thing where it appears triangles are not in the right spot but are all over the place from seeing how the texture on the model is all stretched extremely). I currently know of no workaround although the new update to the beta sdk severly cleared up the npc models so they have only a couple odd triangles, they still will not load in hammer without crash. -RomeoJGuy
  • npc_* > Properties > Model > Dropdown is not filtered.
  • Some people are complaining about losing their cursor, unfortunatly no more information than that.
Cursor is lost in the model viewer when accidentally dragging an object in the list.
Cursor is lost over the model viewer after clicking in the filter text-box.
After that, the cursor wont show up in the 2d views of hammer, or in the model viewer (re opening modelviewer wont help)
Workaround: Restart Hammer.
Workaround 2: Try and drag a model name (using the invisible cursor) onto the filter text box (don't let go) until a menu pops up.
I noticed that for me I only get this issue not from using the textbox, but if I hit the arrow next to the textbox for I guess a dropdown box but it never appears when you click it.
  • Selection of a Displacement only considers the original box it was made from
  • After mere minutes of use, Hammer takes up almost 500mb of RAM. Memory leak?
    • Not mere minutes of use, but rather an instantly occurring memory leak. It takes up a gigantic amount of RAM - or stealthy CPU usage. A buddy of mine with Duel 2.8GHz (each) CPU's, Duel PCI-E nVidia GeForce 7800GT's, and 4GB DDR PC3200 RAM tried the Beta SDK out (meaning Hammer), and complained of the major memory and/or cpu usage/leak. Mostly this odd super-leak or usage occurs when you have the built-in Model Selector (or Viewer) open, when dealing with vertex minipulation, when cutting, and sometimes when you move your mouse over an editable field (ie. a field where you can place an entity property value in). Optimizations, my boy, is what we need!
    • Could also be because of the number of resources loaded for the map.
  • When trying to launch the Day of Defeat: Source Hammer Editor, A configuration error appears. "Warning - The Configuration information for this game you're trying to edit is invalid or missing. [Run Anyway] [Cancel] [Help...]" The [Run Anyway] option does not work. The Hammer Editor fails to launch.
    • Run DOD:S once.
  • Hammer crashes when loading some maps created from non-beta hammer
    • Specifically, Hammer crashes when I try to load sdk_d3_c17_13.vmf, a sample file that is distributed with the SDK.
    • I've found that by removing any prop_ragdoll entities that my pre-beta map loads fine. I tried doing this to sdk_d3_c17_13, but it didnt work, so there are probably other entities that have the same problem.
      • Possible explination for this is the readonly keyvalues (Possibly)—ts2do (Talk | @) 20:33, 9 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • Cursors don't always do what they're representing i.e. a drag cursor appears over a button or a text box.
    • Cursors appear to not update properly when they're hovered from one object type to another. i.e., When a brush is selected, and the Object Properties dialog overlaps the selected brush; if the user moves the icon over the Object Properties dialog, the cursor is still a 4-way arrow.
  • Flipping displacements does not work. Horizontal flips don't even appear to do anything if the displacement is square. However, the texture is always affected, even if the brush isn't. (Curiously, a vertical flip followed by 180degree rotation is equivalent to doing nothing).
    • This happens with normal brushes too.--Mendasp 06:59, 27 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Face Edit Tool: Changing the texture alignment of a face between World and Face will reset the texture shifts to zero.
  • Props do not render their shadows in DX9 mode, yet render shadows in DX8.1 mode. (GPU Used: Radeon 9800 /w Catalyst 5.10) - DaWolfman
    • Can also confirm this. Seems to be pre SDK beta though, and may be a general rendering issue with the latest CS update (not SDK related?) since older maps are affected as well. Prop/model shadows seem not to show up on certain maps in DX9, but they do in DX8.1 - cs_italy and de_cbble exhibit this. Other maps (dust, prodigy, compound) seem fine.(GeForce 6800 w/ Forceware 81.95)
      • Confirm this also. And in pre SDK beta also. Happens mostly in indoor maps to me and in some big indoor maps the shadows appear after some time.(Radeon 9600 Pro) - DAVLevels
  • Help > Help Topics still links to pre-wiki redirect page.
  • Dragging a side's midpoint with the Vertex tool will ignore Snap-To-Grid.
  • The default halflife2.fgd reports the model for the ar2's ammo boxes incorrectly. This was tolerable when they showed up as small little red boxes, but now they're ginormous ERROR signs.
Workaround: Use community .fgds, or fix the .fgd by yourself.
  • File:Vertexmanipbug.jpg
    Vertex manipulation bug.
    Don't know how I got this at all. The ghost preview stayed on even when I was in selection and camera mode, and all that was left of the brush were the two end faces (you can just about see one, it's the triangle on top).
  • Brush creation manipulation box isn't cleared after a new brush has been creation, yet the handles aren't usable. If you try to use them, it starts drawing a new brush.
  • Viewports randomly disappear, drawn black, only 1 of 4 is working(wireframe)or even only one is displayed after loading a autosaved map or serval other maps .Sometimes the cursor is invisible when moving it over some view ports(2d view ports).
  • Offten crashs when trying to choose a "world model" for a "prop_static" entity
    • Haven't had that issue.
      • Don´t happens allways but after working a bit in hammer it crashes(about 4 times for me)
      • This bug has been listed many times. Its due to models that have degenerate triangles. When you are choosing the model the model you pick probably has some defomrities in it. Like the npc's in the model viewer bugs section.
  • The preview-window of the arch create tool is not symetric so the previewed arch looks a bit unround
  • Sprite browser does not show previews of sprites anymore.
  • Tring to carve a displacement or even a simple block with a complex brush like an arch result in hammer hanging up
    • Not a beta sdk bug, you shouldn't carve with an arch, ever.
      • Than the carve function should be disabled when an arch brush is selected
      • Hammer should not be limited to prevent cockpit error. Any reputable tutorial will say to never carve. There really is no reason except for maybe rectangle doors in walls.
  • The model render distance can´t be changed.Hammer ignores the settings its always the same no matter if 1 or 10000
  • When vertices are coincident, Hammer is no longer prompting to combine the vertices. When left coincident and brush is put in Vertex edit mode again, this error displays: "Edge with both face id's already filled, skipping..." --Spektre1 10:42, 25 Nov 2005 (PST)
    • Note: This occurred on a brush that was 1 unit wide. It seems to function normally on wider brushes. --Spektre1 10:46, 25 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Rotating brushes (or groups of brushes) causes their faces to lose all texture alignment information (i.e. it's all reset to zero). --johnsto 08:34, 26 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • When scaling brushes, the 'X' at the centre is not drawn (it's surprisingly handy to have it there so you know where the new centre is going to be!) --johnsto 08:39, 26 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Shearing brushes is using a weird scale. Sometimes small movement of the mouse shears by a lot, and othertimes the mouse needs to be dragged across the entire screen to shear by only a couple of units. --johnsto 09:16, 26 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • if u change the name of the file, the search path is changed, but not the place where they are
  • model chooser is very slow at responding and takes a while to load
  • Creating an arch (mine was size 704x356, 180 degrees, wall thickness was 400 (full)) causes invalid solids when you save and reload the map. Also, the front faces of the solids are not drawn (probably due to the invalid solid part) even before saving. I tried this with 32, 64, and 128 face arches, all had the error. Also happened on a 3072x2048 arch, 180 degrees, 3072 wall thickness. Also, vertices end up half-way across the map when an arch is Clipped. --Beans-v6 15:06, 7 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • Using the skew tool (or whatever it is called, the third option when selecting a brush, just after rotation but before resizing) causes the brush to be invalid, and moves the end of the brush much too fast. Also, it needs to snap to the grid. --Beans-v6 15:06, 7 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • Carve still causes errors in compiling, even when carving a cube into a another cube. Why hasn't this been removed yet?
    • Never carve, the tool should be removed all together.
  • When scaling objects the texture is not scaled along anymore (ie creating 3d skyboxes)
  • It's not a beta-specific bug, but try to parent an object to itself, click on "Ok" and hammer crashes (maybe a less violent solution ?) It happens also if you do this : give an entity the name "thing" and validate. Then change its name, parent it with "thing" and validate. Hammer crashes. --NykO18 11:20, 18 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • I don't really know how it happened but the lightmap on my displacements seems to be fixed forever.. one is stuck at 17 luxels and the other one at 33 luxels.. I can't change it anymore, if I try to modify the number in 'Lightmap Scale' and click on 'Apply', the value changes back to its old one. --NykO18 11:20, 18 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • Hammer has trouble finding problems in FGDs. It used to throw unterminated-string, unexpected-character, etc., but now it seems to stop on an erroneous line and use as much processing power as available trying to figure that line out. Workaround: don't screw up when editing FGDs. --Raeven0
  • The app that loads the water or vvis takes way to long, doesnt even do anything when i compile this one map. How do i get some help with these damn problesm. Does valve even look at them
  • I tried loading a large vmf file (5.51 mb) onto Hammer, which loaded quite well in versions before this beta, and the program crashed with a non-specific windows error saying "hammer.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows." --Jojoboy

Hammer 2D and 3D Views

  • pasting or manipulating light_spot entities turns the light cones green. properties remain the same.
workaround: restart hammer.
  • Rotating models does not go smoothly anymore, it now is like having shift pressed when rotation. The old way allowed for much more freedom.
Workaround: Hold ALT while rotating.
  • When opening a map, there's a phantom 64x64x64 selection box painted around the origin.
  • The rotation handles on brushes are open circles instead of solid.
  • The camera handles when using the camera tool are open circles instead of solid.
  • Overlays are not rendering correctly in the 3D views.
  • 3D view FPS meter not functioning correctly.
    • 2d/3d views are now rendered on demand meaning they are only rendered when you are doing something in them (moving the 3d view around, etc) and therefore the fps meter will show as though it is not functioning
  • Textures are stretched in 3d view when scaling an object, and then retain original scales when brush is set to desired size.
    • It would make a lot more sense if the 3D scaling preview only happened if <tl> is on. Otherwise it's showing a change that won't actually occur.
This is a new feature, it will appear like that when the texture scaling lock is off, it's the button with <tl> on it. When on, it will not retain the original scales.
It would be handy if the texture showed actual results instead of stretching, speeding things up.
  • Arrow-key movement broken on 2D grid views, viewport goes black.
    • Arrow-key movement is broken specifically when the Vertex tool is active.
Workaround: Hold Spacebar and drag mouse.
Workaround: enable scroll bars from Tools > Options > 2D Views
    • Since today's update, turning scroll bars off *after loading Hammer with them enabled* will avoid this bug. But the next time Hammer starts it's straight back.
  • Brush skewing ignores Snap-to-grid.
  • Cloning a brush using shift results in the new brush being off-grid.
A result of the fact that you can now drag selections by the midpoints of their sides, not just their corners. If the selection is not a multiple of twice the grid size when dragged, its sides won't match up with the grid.
Workaround: Drag from the corners.

* The 'hold-mouse-button-down method for depth-cycling through objects' method for selecting things in the 3D viewport has disappeared. This'll make sense if you've used it, anyway. ;-)

Workaround: Use PageUp and PageDown keys. --JeffLane 16:22, 22 Nov 2005 (PST)
Back now!
  • 3D Textured Shaded view doesn't always shade, client dependent.
Could be GFX related, my card is a 9100 and only PS 1.4 (DX81) compatible.
  • When opened, Hammer's 3D view is slow and jerky, but after a few minutes it speeds up to normal framerates.
    • This will be a hardware issue, it has to load all objects, once done and in memory it can be accessed faster. Occurs in older versions of Hammer but since it is less intensive it is less intrusive. Simple work around - Spin camera on startup.
  • 'Animate models' in 3D view doesn't work fully - it only advances frames when the viewport updates (moving the camera, etc). However, Hammer is so much more processor-efficient this way...
    • See above regarding fps meter, although it would be nice to have the model animated if it was selected.
  • Pressing escape after drawing a new brush exits the tool instead of clearing the selection, same with vertex selections.
  • Vertices on non-selected brushes are hidden, making vertex manipulation difficult. (bug?)
  • When placing an entity in top 2D view then moving and dragging in any of the other 2D views the entity position (in the top view) is reset to another position. This also happens in the side and front views.
  • The Rotate tool (Ctrl + M) Verticies are mixed up, the labeled Z axis is now the X (or Y) axis, the Y axis is the Z axis and Y axis is X.
  • After SDK updated for the second time on the 22/11/05 Hammer viewport is now stuck in fullscreen mode and keyboard shortcut will no longer change it back to 4-view (Was it changed?)
    • Make sure you haven't changed the window settings to independent, this option is in Tools -> Options -> General.
  • You can't select wireframe'd props/actors in 2D views by clicking. You've got to drag a selection box or select the ent's bbox (which isn't drawn!).
  • Sometimes Brushes ignore grid lines and go between them. Even with Snap To Grid enabled.
    • See "Cloning a brush using shift results in the new brush being off-grid." This is also true for moving objects, not just cloning.
  • When the texture applicaton tool is open, when you use the right click method to apply textures, it seems to break movement in the 3D view with ASDW. ASDW movement functions again once you click back in a 2D view.
    • It fixes for me when I undo as well.
  • 2D views loaded black, and wouldn't draw until I changed them to 3D view, and back to a 2D window. I'm using an independent window configuration. --Spektre1 14:50, 26 Nov 2005 (PST)
    • I've had this happen each time I close Hammer improperly and I tell it to load the last saved file. --RabidMonkey 01:33, 27 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • While drawing a brush in the 2D-View, and clicking accidentally outside the brush, the whole former brush disappears.
Could be fixed through decreasing sensivity of new brush drawing.
  • When clicking in a 2D view to draw a new brush or a selection box, the 'first corner' of the box you are drawing don't snap to grid
  • Overlays cannot be manipulated by the white corners in the 3D view. The overlay skews wildly. This is true on regular geometry and displacements.
  • You can no longer click in one of the 2D views to specify X/Y coordinates, then click a separate 2D view to specify the remaining X/Z or Y/Z coordinate whilst keeping the Y or X coordinate from the first click. (I would commonly click in the top view to get the X/Y right, then a side view to correct the Z, but this doesn't work properly anymore). --johnsto 00:35, 30 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Vertex tool doesn't seem to be able to touch the grid, throwing off the alignment of any brush, rendering the tool nearly useless for me. --*Apollo 17:17, 02 December 2005
  • In morph mode I can't use directional arrows to move in 2d wievports. It's a bit annoying to use sliders every time when I want to carefully manipulate bigger brushes.
  • Cursor will disappear in the 2D views and while navigating the model browser. You can still select and use the cursor.
  • Can not compile maps. A Windows error occurs stating "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: d:\steam\steamapps\[email protected]\sourcesdk\bin\vbsp.exe R6025 - pure virtual function call" The issue occurs with both the beta and original versions of Hammer on a FRESH install of Windows.
  • Enemy units can not "Lead" the player anywhere. Only pre-determined, friendly units
  • Get "Edge with both ID's already filled, skipping..." after combining vertexs and selecting another brush to vertex. Noticed that some faces were missing, too. Wasn't in a way that it was an invalid brush.
  • 2D views do not have their labels displayed unless you mouseover where the label should be. This will confuse people who don't know what orientation each port is showing.
  • Grouping Objects while 'ig' (Ignore groups) is on fails to group the selected objects.

Hammer VGUI Model Browser

  • Model viewer currently loads it's GUI incorrectly the first time; on close and re-open, it functions as expected.
    • Resizing the window also fixes this.


  • Error encountered with all human models in the browser, using a NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440 (DX7).
  • Error duplicated with all human models, using an ATI Radeon 9600 (DX version unsure, likely 8 or 9).
  • Error duplicated as well with human models, and a selection of other models such as one of the combine electric gate models. I am using an NVidia GeForce FX Go5700, DX 8.1 (This problem here also results in hammer crashing if it tries to load the problem models into hammer itself. Only the electric gate model has loaded successfully.)
    • Cannot duplicate with a geforce 6800GT newest drivers.
  • Choppy performance.
    • using the search, results in a hangup for short time and it takes long to see what you wrote
  • Rotating the model will reset view translations.
  • Cursor randomly disappears.
    • Error duplicated. Restart Hammer to fix.
    • This bug seems to occur when Hammer loses focus.
    • Affects 2D views as well, but is not caused by them.
  • Filter text input slow.
    • Suggestion: Put a .1-.3 second delay on filtering, before the program parses the text, so the user can finish inputing a string before it searches. (Or a search button that also is pressed when Enter is hit.)
    • Yes because in fact, if you type 'rock' in the filter, it will first search all models containing the letter 'r', and sometimes it takes a really.. really long time...
  • The model browser should remember the state it was previously in when reopened; i.e., remember what folder was previously selected.
  • The 3D crosshair model, for things like the move_ropes, is so tiny it's really difficult to select in the 3D view. It would be a good idea to fatten the model up a bit, so it's easier to select.
  • Suggestion: Add a field that indicates if model is a static prop or a physics model or a detail model.
  • Suggestion: Allow user to toggle model skin in viewer.
  • Suggestion: Allow switching between old model browser and new model browser.
  • The model browser isn't loading. Don't know if it's related to the "SteamAppID 211" problem that has been report by others.

Hammer Autovisgroups

  • Impossible to put a brush or an entity in a non-specific autovisgroup, like a brush in a group you hide often (func_details) --NykO18 11:21, 18 Dec 2005 (PST)
- Could you please elaborate on this bug report? It seems that your are requesting the ability to change object membership in autovisgroups. Is this the case? --JasonDeakins 16:38, 2 Dec 2005 (PST)
- I believe the user means that the ability to create an autovisgroup for a specific brush entity type is missing (for instance, a "func_detail" autovisgroup where new func_details would be added to automatically). I'm not sure, however. --Beans-v6 15:06, 7 Dec 2005 (PST)
-- Well, I was trying to say that it's impossible to put a func_illusionary in the "detail geometry" auto-visgroup to make it disappear with the detail geometry (for example). It's a thing I was used to do when I wanted to see the map as BSP is seeing it. --NykO18 11:21, 18 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • Creating a brush with the NODRAW texture selected, then changing the textures, causes the brush to still be listed in the Nodraw autovisgroup. --Beans-v6 15:06, 7 Dec 2005 (PST)

Hammer Autosave

  • Hammer tries to save to removable media, when it’s read only, same with read only folder rights. (This might not be a good idea for those working on source mods as final projects at Universities, or schools)
  • After reopening Hammer after a crash and it prompting to load the last save, the map loaded correctly but no 2D views were rendered
  • Not really a bug, but the use of autosave should be optional...
Change 'number of map iterations to save' to zero. Could certainly be a little clearer! --TomEdwards 09:50, 5 Dec 2005 (PST)

Hammer - Misc

  • A possible way to change the texture quality in the 3D view would be oh so nice.
  • Would it be possible to have the default texture (selected when Hammer is started) as nodraw? It would encourage better mapping.--DrBob 04:37, 4 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • Could you make it easier to import something from Hammer into 3DS Max? For example, the only way at the moment is to export to .DXF, and that generally loses information. Perhaps an export to .Max, or an importer plugin for Max?
    • Workaround: XSI has a great map import feature. You could base a plugin off that or possibly import to XSI then save your file and import it into MAX.--Skidz 15:55, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Nothing has yet been said for when we are going to see a lighting preview option, but could you perhaps add the option to change the lighting in the shaded 3d view? So we can change it like in the model viewer and get a general idea of how certain types of lighting will look like ingame.
  • Hammer reports error including file: base.fgd in a custom .FGD file that works fine in non-beta mode. Include line is simply @include "base.fgd". -Nailed 17:31, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
    • If you put your custom FGD directly into the SourceSDK/bin folder it will work.--Skidz 22:17, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
      • This won't cut the cheese for mods that include fgds in them—ts2do (Talk | @) 23:15, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
        • Definitely not, I would like to see a fix to this. Please :D
  • After using Source SDK then restarting steam, DoD:Source, HL2, and HL2:Deathmatch update at 233 bytes and source sdk updates at 70% at a rate of 70 kb/s
    • You need to run Steam with the -beta sdk option every time you start it, otherwise Steam has to re-download the non-beta version. --Nailed 23:38, 24 Nov 2005 (PST)
      • I always run it with -beta sdk..but it keeps doing it
        • If you have steam to load with windows, you will also have to edit the reg key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run to look like "d:\program files\valve\steam\steam.exe" -silent -beta sdk
  • The idea about constantly scaling texture in 3D view while we scale the brush (even is <<tl>> isn't checked) is a bad idea: Before, we could adjust the brush depending on the texture edges (door textures for example). Now, we have to scale the brush again and again to see the result. Texture scale should only happen if and only if <<tl>> is checked.--Hurricaaane 10:47, 26 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • Overlays display correctly in Hammer but, if they've been scaled, they'll be the unscaled size in game.
  • Suggestion: After using Maya and other 3D-applications, it would be great to see a Hotkey-feature in Hammer! For example, map the Textures-window to M , Block-tool to B instead of Shift+B, etc etc. Hotkeys gives a much better workflow.
    • The hotkeys there already are fine (Shift-A for surface props, Shift-B for brushes, Shift-C for camera and so on), and I don't see a reason to change them, especially since so many of us use them and have them engraved into our heads now! What additional hotkeys are you thinking of? --johnsto 02:02, 4 Dec 2005 (PST)
      • Thinking of being able to remap the current hotkeys for your likings, and add more hotkeys for things like the Texture Browser. Even hotkeys for Rotate 15 degrees, Scale +-0.1, etc etc. But this is just an industrial injury of me using Maya too much. --Zyndrome 18:44, 4 Dec 2005 (PST)


  • Wireframe view is currently not functioning correctly (purple and black checkerboard texture).
  • Options -> Make Screenshot fails to create a screenshot.
  • The Close Captioning tool doesn't have the "Edit" menu specified in the documentation (semi-related link: sound name tokens and closed captions).
  • Options -> Background Color and Options -> Ground Color are non-functional
  • Popping sounds when playing .wav files in the Phoneme Editor. (Scrubbing through audio is painful on the ears.)
  • The gesture_updown and gesture_rightleft flexes appear to do nothing.

Model Viewer

  • Wireframe view is currently not functioning correctly (purple and black checkerboard texture).
  • The gesture_updown and gesture_rightleft flexes appear to do nothing.
  • Error encountered with all human models in the browser, using a NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440 (DX7). (Identical to error encountered with Hammer VGUI Model Viewer)

Compile tools and other SDK tools

Put bugs with the compile tools (vbsp.exe, vvis.exe, vrad.exe, studiomdl.exe, bspzip.exe etc.) under here.

  • Hammer compiles Xbox map information. Why? How do we disable this?
  • When compiling finished, getting error. Unable to load C:\<SteamFolder>\counter-strike souce\bin\filesystem_steam.dll
    • Make sure you run CS:Source at least once before you compile to make sure you have the latest updates.
      • Works now! Thanks --CPhighwind 06:52, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • vvis.exe doesn't run. Getting the Sorry for the inconvenience crash message
  • Compiling with batch files does not work, Popup window with can't find steam.dll error when starting at vvis.exe. Also a Filesystem_steam.dll missing.
    • Batch files are necessary for the larger modding projects. It's really necessary to be able to setup a batch file to process several maps overnight, so you can do nightly builds.
  • The compile tools don't close when you stop the Hammer.exe process.
    • I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. This way a crashed Hammer won't kill your map compile. Nailed 23:27, 22 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • All Expert Compile configurations are gone.
    • If you roll back from the beta they will get restored.
  • I have a large map with alot of displacements, previous to the Beta SDK I managed to get my map to 16mb (down from 27Mb) by removing some, after the Beta SDK compile with no changes my Linux specific data is over 400% and my map is now 37Mb. Computer 3.2Ghz P4B, 200GB Sata, 1GB DDR-400, FX5900 128MB AGP, XP Pro SP2. Many thanks
    • If you are working on a singleplayer map then you can compile with -nolinuxdata. This stops the Compile tools from storing the needed data for linux servers. Therefore if you are making a multiplayer map you cannot omit this data as then linux servers will not be able to run your map correctly.
      • Sadly its a multiplayer map, I just thought something might be wrong as I hadn't changed the map between compiles of the old and beta Hammer and its gone up over 20Mb
        • Did you compile it with HDR support? That uses much dataspace. Right now only DoD:S and Lost Coast support HDR so for now you can deactivate the HDR option, if you activated it.
          • No it was a fast compile on VIS and RAD with no HDR option.
            • I took the map over to one of my other PC's with the custom dod FGD setup and ran the vmf and the map is 10MB big, I have put all the files here Non Beta Map, I have also put all the files from a compile on my main PC running the Beta SDK where the map is 37Mb, Beta Map, ive also put the compile txt files for the beta here and non beta here if there is anything else I can do just ask. James
  • Valve please contact me for the source to CST cstvis, I cant be assed at the moment supporting the tools any more, and would like to see my hard work put into the offical stuff - [email protected] +61 0417-650-440 (Mobile Phone only) --Amckern 16:28, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • This one might be to do with me, but either way it's undocumented. Take a look at this map [2]. Try moving under the overhang or going prone. Anyone know what's happening? --TomEdwards 08:34, 24 Nov 2005 (PST)
    • It seems to be the material at fault. It's models/props_debris/wallpaper003b, which now I look at it might explain why I'm having problems! --TomEdwards 06:36, 25 Nov 2005 (PST)
  • First iteration of vrad.exe crashes (and locks up my entire system, only a reset solves it) when 90%+ done on buildvisleafs. Settings are fast vis & fast rad with hdr enabled. Anyone know which is rendered first hdr or ldr ?
    • Hmm, have you tried running Normal everything?
      • I ran it with normal vrad and it works, cheers.
  • HDR: I hope to see some updates for HL2: Deathmatch: env_tonemapcontroller is not in the code
  • Unnamed areaportals not linked to doors aren't working properly when compiling a MINERVA map - they're frequently closed when they should be open. I'm using the updated Half-Life 2 FGD, and there's a new 'Don't Change' portal version field which is set to 1 - any ideas what's going on? I'll prepare a test map shortly.
    • Ooer - just got an 'Engine Error: portalnum > numareaportals' followed by an application error. Ouch.
      • And, of course my test map works absolutely fine, but Metastasis 2 still crashes the game. Argh...
      • (Thought it was my fault, but it appears not - but I haven't managed to get it to occur in anything other than a Huge Map. The areaportals didn't seem to make all that much difference anyway, so I'm deleting them and optimising in more old-fashioned ways... —Cargo Cult (info, talk) 10:41, 27 Nov 2005 (PST))
  • Some sort of problem with RAD; I have a "no samples xxx" error. A single one in the map, and it's crashing RAD at the end, somewhere around here:
Build Patch/Sample Hash Table(s).....Done<0.0808 sec>
    • Crash occurs on finallightfaces. Sometimes it results in a VRAD freeze, other times in a windows crash error. This appears to be related to func_detail brushes, as the mail list issue was resolved by removing a specific func_detail, This error occurs for me without the "no samples xxx" error. So far, I've been unable to pin it to a specific brush.
      • Compiling with no func_detail brushes is successful. Unsure if this is an error with the construction of a specific brush or vrad's handling of a specific brush --Purerage 08:54, 29 Nov 2005 (PST)
        • I've seen two others instances of this exact bug, one on IRC, and one in the mail list. --Spektre1 05:14, 29 Nov 2005 (PST)
          • After talking to Spektre1 yesterday, I can confirm this doesn't have to do with lightmaps (spektre1 thought it might). I found the func_detail brush concerned was a perfectly valid brush otherwise, and only began making vrad crash after I skewed it. Once "invalid" it can't be made valid again by skewing it back to its original shape. It has to be deleted and remade. Use cordon compiling to save lots of time!--Furyo 05:05, 8 Dec 2005 (PST)
            • No dice there. I'm still receiving the error completely unrelated to all my func_details OR displacements (some people thought it could be a displacement error.) I have absolutely zero clue how to fix this.--ElecHeadMatt 05:04, 9 Dec 2005 (EST)
              • Nevermind. I fixed it. It was a skewed rooftop brush. The func_detail method still stands! --ElecHeadMatt 14:37, 9 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • I have edit a map and created a leak somewhere, my problem is that Hammer has not generated a point file, have I missed something on a replacment to the point file replacment or is this a bug?
    • No worries after 4 attempts at a compile trying to find the leak in the blind it created one, I'll see if I can recreate this error but if I cant I'll assume it was something at my end.
      • This usually happens when the leak is created by intersecting brushes (such as a hint going through a skybox) and isn't something new with the beta sdk. I've had many occurences of these "leaks" in the past.--Furyo 00:34, 9 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • I do a lot of VisC++ development and have to use VS2005. Any word if this beta will add support for VC++ 2005?
    • I'm not sure but I'd like to see this too, just so the kind folks at Valve know there's more interest in it than one user. I do know that for VS2003 there was a project converter somewhere on the internet that converted VC++ 6.0 files to VC++ 2003, but I'm not sure if such a program exists for VS2005. If not, I'd make one. Shouldn't be too hard, I don't think. --Beans-v6 15:15, 7 Dec 2005 (PST)
      • Not necessary to worry about a compiler converter, MSVS2k5 does conversions automatically, and if you have both installed, or you work with 2k3 on other computers and are worried about 2k5 being a jerk and overwriting your solutions (they are not backwards compatible) it will not overpower the 2k3 versions. It has a compiler checker that will open up the appropriate version of visual studio, and it also updates the icons to show 6, 7 or 7.1 depending upon the version of msvs (6, 2k3, 2k3.net) you are using, and 8 for 2k5.. quite neat how it works out.
        I would also be in favor of seeing a 2k5 solution released, I have found that there are a number of issues that keep it from compiling as simply as 2k3 does. Regardless, i am still looking for the beauty of 2k5 to be mixed into the basket of errors and bad code conventions. Besides, it would be really cool to see what "Truly Free" and "Mod" can come together and have for children. --Bob 01:39, 8 Dec 2005 (PST)
  • build_sample_shaders and build_advanced_shaders are both b0rked, it throws an exception with a missing steam.dll and when you put it in with the compileshaders.exe it will complain about no steam user info.
  • The app that loads the water or vvis takes way to long, doesnt even do anything when i compile this one map. How do i get some help with these damn problesm. Does valve even look at them