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Source SDK Base is a game/tool, shared between all owners of Valve Source games and locked to a particular engine branch, on which modders can base their projects. Both singleplayer and multiplayer mods can use it. Use of SDK Base widens the audience for your mod and prevents engine updates from breaking it.

The games that include SDK Base are listed here. Free copies available through hardware promotions do not provide access.

Note.png Note: Although Team Fortress 2 is included in the above list, you will not get the SDK or Source SDK Base 2007 unless you paid for the game prior to it going free-to-play. SDK Base 2006 is free, but the best guess currently is that this is a mistake!


  • The stock gamecode is a duplicate of Episode One's or Episode Two's, depending on which version (see below) you are using. But the only content available is that of Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast: while Zombines and Hunters exist in the code and can be spawned, they appear as errors because their models are not available. If you want to use episodic things, you will need to mount the appropriate game.
  • SDK Base might provide mods with Lost Coast's content, but dedicated servers do not. Multiplayer mods should either not use anything from Lost Coast, or include what they do use in their dedicated server download.
    Tip.png Tip: In Source 2007 or later you can remove the sourcetest SearchPath from gameinfo.txt and Lost Coast will disappear. Unfortunately, doing this under Source 2006 (Episode One) will make the game crash immediately!


There are currently two versions of SDK Base: the original Source 2006 version (AppID 215) and the superior Source 2007 version (AppID 218).

There are separate builds because of the occasional break in Source's backwards compatibility. Unless you have a good reason for sticking with the an older version of the SDK Base, you should always use the most recent one available.


There are two small glitches:

  1. The main menu has a "Visual Stress Test" option instead of anything useful. Copy resource\GameMenu.res from another suitable game into your mod.
  2. Episode Two's flashlight and weapon pickup icons do not appear. Open resource\ClientScheme.res and add this to the Fonts section:
    				name		HalfLife2
    				tall		32
    				weight	0
    				antialias 1
    				additive	1
    				custom	1

Content (2007)

Content (2006)