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Source Media Arcade is a sandbox type of utility where you build virtual arcades by placing 3D shortcuts to your games (Steam or non-Steam), movies, or any other media stored on your computer or hosted on the internet.

After you've used the built-in tools to construct your custom arcade, you are able launch and play your games & movies directly from the 3D virtual environment.

While exploring your friend's multiplayer arcade server, you will be able to play any of his games or movies that you own. If you don't own a particular item yet, the mod will give you links to places where you can purchase/download the item so you can use it.

Source Media Arcade performs intelligent item matching using your personal media library, so your file locations do not have to exactly match those of your friend.

In order to keep your framerate up while you play other games, Source Media Arcade goes into an idle state and releases most of its system resources as soon as you launch a game from it.

Note that the items you launch run in full quality and in their native resolution. They are not displayed on the tiny in-game screens.


3-D virtual arcade browsing - click to enlarge
On-the-fly arcade customization - click to enlarge
High-resolution 2D interface - click to enlarge
Powerful library editing tools - click to enlarge
Compatible with thousands of maps - click to enlarge
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  • Add your files one at a time, OR import entire folders
  • Fanart, screenshots, and descriptions automatically appear
  • Choose from over 23 arcade cabinet models
  • Thousands of supported maps


  • Powered by the Source engine
  • Simply walk up to the game you want to play
  • No more searching through file lists & folder structures
  • Full first person shooter game environment


  • Launch your files directly from the 3D world
  • Releases system resources for maximum performance
  • Invite your friends to join you in multiplayer arcades
  • Emulators supported


The current release version of Source Media Arcade is 2.0d. This is the 2nd generation of the mod. It's design has been greatly improved for ease-of-use since previous versions.

BETA Version (10/19/2010)
This version was produced during the Summer of 2010. It was built on top of the Singleplayer Source SDK Base and had powerful yet extremely user-UN-friendly menus which prevented it from being used casually. This BETA release served two purposes: it functioned as a technical proof-of-concept and was used to collect valuable feedback from testers and the community alike. Note that the design and feature set of the BETA version was completely different than what is present in the release version.

RELEASE Version 2.0 (10/26/2011)
This first FULL version of Source Media Arcade was planned during the life span of the BETA and produced over the Summer of 2011. It was built on top of the Multipayer Source SDK Base and had the clear focus of being a 3D media center front-end.
This version was a complete re-write of the original BETA release. It was redesigned to make extensive use of Valve's KeyValues data structure in maintaining a user media library. The most drastic design changes from BETA to Release was the addition of various internet-connected features.
Substantial New Features
  • Multipayer mode
  • Online media database integration
  • Artwork image downloading
  • Multiplayer-friendly personal media library
  • HTML-powered 2D graphical user interface
It was decided to release this version as 2.0 as opposed to 1.0 because of the signifiant design changes that were implemented between public BETA and Release.

REVISION Versions 2.0b-2.0d (2/15/2012)
There have been updates released periodically that correct bugs, enhance existing features, or add entirely new features. A detailed change log for every version is maintained in the User's Manual.
  • Version 2.0b (12/30/2011)
  • Version 2.0c (2/1/2012)
  • Version 2.0d (2/15/2012)


Elijah Newman-Gomez (User:SM_Sith_Lord) designed and developed the project from flowchart to release. This includes planning, coding, prop design, map design, graphic design, web design, video editing, promotion, documentation, and technical support.

Exclusive music tracks used in promotional videos by: SM DjDTM and 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier

Some skinning contributions by: Shred and Black_Stormy

Beta Testers: SM BuTTuRZ, Triscuit, Gnarlydwed, DraLLoC, ZeqMacaw, P0RKCH0P, NuLL-ZeR0, Tonjevic

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