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== Availability ==
== Availability ==
* [[Half-Life 2: Lost Coast]]
* [[Source SDK Base 2006]]
* [[Source SDK Base 2006]]

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The Episode One engine branch, later named Source 2006, was released in 2006 with Half-Life 2: Episode One. It was obsoleted by the Orange Box/Source 2007 branch. It requires HL2 content to operate.

The SDK and SDK Base game for this branch are free to all Steam users.


New since Half-Life 2:

High Dynamic Range rendering
A simulation of brightness values outside computer monitors' actual range, and of aperture adjustment.
Phong shading
Diffuse reflections for skin and other roughened surfaces.
Facial animation upgrades
More detail and intenser shapes for close-up performances.
DirectX 9 Shader Model 3
Unlocks greatly improved shader performance.
Detail prop shapes
Improved detail sprites that sway in the breeze and bend away from nearby players.


Gamecode for this branch is included in the Source SDK.