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*[[ambient_generic]] — this is the basic entitiy to play a specific sound, including music
*[[ambient_generic]] — this is the basic entity to play a specific sound, including music
*[[env_soundscape]] — plays background noises (see [[Soundscapes]])
*[[env_soundscape]] — plays background noises (see [[Soundscapes]])
*[[env_microphone]] — detects sounds
*[[env_microphone]] — detects sounds

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This article is a hub for finding information about sound and music in Source.



AI sounds

AI sounds are not audible to the player; they are purely an AI construction. They can be placed in-map with the ai_sound entity.


To specify the set of sounds for a custom material (the noises produced in response to hits, scrapes, etc), see Material surface properties.


  • To play music, use Hammer Sound Browser to search for keyword music.
  • Many entities can have sounds assigned to them. For example, prop_door_rotating can be assigned sounds for opening, closing, swinging, being locked, and being unlocked. See the individual entities for details.

External links

  • Sound — tutorials about sound in Source, including adding custom sounds