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The XSI Mod Tool is a completely free version of the professional XSI modeling package. It has most of the features of the professional versions (certainly everything you'd need for mods) and allows you to export your work to Source without restriction.

General XSI tutorials

Antlion Guard model open in Mod Tool 6.


Source tutorials


Note.png Note: The file structure in this tutorial is outdated; replace "sourcesdk/cstrike_sample_content" with "sourcesdk_content/cstrike".
See Source SDK Files and Directory Structure for details.

Tutorials from

Video tutorials

Quickstart guide for Max/Maya/LightWave users


Source SDK contains various sample scenes (.scn) for XSI. See "sourcesdk_content/<game name>/modelsrc/..." for details. You can modify the models to make your own characters/weapons/vehicles.

Additionally, there is a Korin XSI Mod Tool Scene data released by nkinta. It shows how to make an Alyx replacement model with full facial animations.

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