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Program used to make models for HL2. There are three commercial versions, XSI Foundation, Essentials, and Advanced.

XSI Mod Tool (Based on SOFTIMAGE|XSI Foundation 4.2) is available for FREE.Official Website

  • Download it from:, FilePlanet, FileShack
  • Free registration needed
  • Save scenes in .exp file format which commercial XSI can't read
  • Can import .xsi, .3ds, .x files
  • With Valve Source addon(ValveSource.0105.01.xsiaddon, found in sourcesdk/xsi)
    • Import/export .smd files(7,500-triangle limit for exported models)
    • Import/export .vmf files
    • Valve rigs(default, male, female, guide) included
  • See also Version Limitations


Generic XSI Tutorials

Quickstart Guide for Max/Maya/Lightwave users

Source Tutorials

note: File Structure in this tutorial is outdated. Replace sourcesdk/cstrike_sample_content with sourcesdk_content/cstrike. See Source SDK Files and Directory Structure for details.

Video Tutorials

Creating a prop in XSI and Texturing it with Photoshop by wisemx - 1+ hour video tutorial that shows prop creation process from modeling, texturing to compiling.

Colt 1911 XSI Video Tutorial by desty - 5 hour video tutorial which shows the whole modeling process. Reference pictures and renders file are also available.

3D Buzz - "Introduction to XSI" 5 hour VTM series


Digital-Tutors - XSI free turorials


SourceSDK contains various character/weapon/vehicle sample scenes (.scn) for XSI. See "sourcesdk_content/<game name>/modelsrc/..." You can replace the model to make your own characters/weapons/vehicles.

Also there is Korin XSI Mod Tool Scene data released by nkinta. It shows how to make an Alyx replacement model with full facial animations.