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== Overview ==
== Overview ==
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* {{moddb|9473}}
* {{moddb|9473}}
[[Category:HL2 Third Party Mods]]
[[Category:Single Player Mods]]
[[Category:Single Player Mods]]

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This mod for Source is currently in alpha development.


The work under a new part of mod is begun. For now i try to concentrate on the difference of game areas. In new maps maybe you can see a city streets, metrostation and other. I`ll hope to finish process of developing at December 2007.


  • Animated background menu
  • HDR support
  • Autosaves

Media (Screenshots)


Mod Leader: Masalcev Dmitry (Diolator)

Assistant: Curko Mihail (Jack)

E-mail: Diolator@rambler.ru

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