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(added by duke)

I originally added this to another wiki so I give myself permission to add it here :P

This is a list of skies available in HL2 (not CS:S). I've also included a scaled down version of the sky to make it easier to pick one:

sky_borealis01 Sky borealis01.jpg

sky_day01_01 Sky day01 01.jpg

sky_day01_04 Sky day01 04.jpg

sky_day01_05 Sky day01 05.jpg

sky_day01_06 Sky day01 06.jpg

sky_day01_07 Sky day01 07.jpg

sky_day01_08 Sky day01 08.jpg

sky_day01_09 Sky day01 09.jpg

sky_day02_01 Sky day02 01.jpg

sky_day02_02 Sky day02 02.jpg

sky_day02_03 Sky day02 03.jpg

sky_day02_04 Sky day02 04.jpg

sky_day02_05 Sky day02 05.jpg

sky_day02_06 Sky day02 06.jpg

sky_day02_07 Sky day02 07.jpg

sky_day02_09 Sky day02 09.jpg

sky_day02_10 Sky day02 10.jpg

sky_day03_01 Sky day03 01.jpg

sky_day03_02 Sky day03 02.jpg

sky_day03_03 Sky day03 03.jpg

sky_day03_04 Sky day03 04.jpg

sky_day03_05 Sky day03 05.jpg

sky_day03_06 Sky day03 06.jpg

sky_wasteland02 Sky wasteland02.jpg