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This mod for Source is unrecognised status!.



Hi Arwin!
I know it has been a while since your last message.
I've been in Testing Facility 2-A all the time, cleaning
up the mess Test Subject CC121667 left behind, and
preparing everything for our next testing cycle. I don't
think it's a good idea to accelerate the commence of
the next test cycle, since Facility 2-A took some serious damage
after that unfortunate disaster caused by CC121667.
It's just not ready yet for another test cycle.

I also want to discuss the matter of our next test subject,
CC100156, AKA Lucy. She was one of our most brilliant
scientists back then, and I'm not sure if it would be
wise to use her for testing purposes. Certainly, she would
have far better odds of completing the course than any test
subject to date, but what if her cryo-amnesia, in combination with
the technologies she will have to test, will cause her to go
haywire and create an even greater mess than CC121667?
After all, the very same happened to him and he wasn't exactly the
brightest light around these parts.

I hope to hear of you soon. When necasary, I will come to the
Command Tower to speak you in person, but with so much work
left, I'd rather stay here, in Testing Facility 2-A.

Yours sincerely,
Frank Reagan


SkyLabs is a modification, not simply for Half-Life 2, but for Portal. The idea was to create a testing course where your tools would feature more than just the Portal Gun. Soon enough this idea was expanded to take place in a whole new facility, the SkyLabs HQ. A huge building, floating in mid-air at 5000 feet height, above City 44. The building survived the Seven Hour War by simply not taking part in it. The technology aboard is far more advanced than anything imagined so far, including powerfull light divergation forcefields, and sensor scramblers. Even the Combine couldn't find the building, which might be more a result of them not knowing it even exists than the force fields protecting it. The existance of the building is a highly guarded secret, and thus no-one who knows about it may leave the building. And no-one aboard wants to leave it, with the Combine roaming our planet.

You take on the role of Subject CC100156, A.K.A. Lucy. You awake in a strange metal cell, and soon enough are sended out to complete a series of tests, while using a wide array of different tools and technologies. You will have to use such basic weapons as the Crowbar, firearms like the SMG, special tools like the Gravity Gun and the Portal Gun, and even some devices never seen before in the Half-Life Universe like the Temporal Accelerator and the Heavy Plasma Particle Accelerator, AKA the Plasma Annihilator.

All the tests will take part 5000 feet above the ground, something which will be clearly visible in certain chambers. Don't fall, since the force fields surrounding the HQ will vaporise you long before you hit the streets of City 44, 5000 feet lower.

This mod is planned to be episodic. The first episode, named Reaching New Heights, after SkyLabs' slogan, is still in the very beginning state of development. It will probably take months or even years before the first beta version of the mod is playable.

NOTE: since the mod is in such an early state, the features and the theme of the mod may change after time, as the team sees fit. Nothing in life is certain, and this mod is not an exception to that.


The features with a + in front of them have a great chance of making it into the mod.
The features with a - in front of them are only ideas, and have little to no chance of making it into the mod (in the near future).

+ Completely new art, including a new player model (replacing Chell), new weapon skins for existing weapons, new textures, a new HUD;
+ Many if not all weapons from Half-Life 2;
+ The Gravity Gun and the Portal Gun;
+ Completely new devices such as the Temporal Accelerator and the Plasma Annihilator;
+ A "Music Player" in the HUD which will display the track currently running, along with its artist;
+ Old music from Half-Life 2 and Portal, and new music from other sources;
- New "health" system: next to Health and Suit you get a third stat, called Armor;
- New vehicles;
- The possibility to switch between first- and third-person view;
- New enemies such as mobile androids;
- Completely new music.

Once again: note the early development stage of this mod! None of these features is certain to make it.

The Team

-Ricotez: "Idea Guy", Mapper, (Wannabe) Programmer
-Sailek: Mapper
Uhm, yeah, that's it. I won't gather a real team untill I got a steady base to build on, as I have no idea if this mod will ever make it beyond the state it's currently in.


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