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{{Back|SiN Episodes Level Creation}}
{{Back|SiN Episodes Level Creation}}
== Source Entities used in SiN Episodes FGD ==
== Source Entities used in SiN Episodes FGD ==

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SiN Episodes Level Creation

Source Entities used in SiN Episodes FGD


SiN Episodes FGD Specific Entities

SiN Items

Box of Magnum ammo
Box of Assault Rifle Ammo
Box of Buckshot
DUAG Ammo (Magnum secondary ammo)
Assault Rifle Grenade
Scattershot Ammo (Shotgun secondary ammo)
Rocket (Unusable)
Tiny Health (+10)
Mega Health (+100)
Item Crate
Antigen Dispenser
DNA scanner (Unusable, possibly cut content)

SiN Triggers/Logic

Allows maps to respond to player inputs in the main menu
Causes ambient/ritual_secret2.mp3 to be played, can be assigned i/o

SiN Episodes NPCs

AI Take Cover
Ad Bot - Note: Model does not exist, will appear as a floating ERROR.mdl
Security Bot
U4 druglab worker
Hardcorps Grunt
Sintek Jetpack Grunt
Druglab Jetpack Grunt - Note: SiNTek soldier lacks correct animations for using a jetpack.
Elite Jetpack Grunt
Sintek Grunt
Druglab Grunt (With Pistol)
Druglab Grunt (With Scattergun)
Druglab Grunt (With Assualt Rifle)
Elite Grunt (With Chaingun)
Druglord Helicopter
Count "Radek"
Generic Actor for Choreographies
Generic Hologram-effect Actor for Choreographies
Recombinant Minor (Stage 2 Recombinant)
Recombinant Major (Stage 3 Recombinant)

SiN Vehicles

Sin Vehicle
Helicopter Crash Target

SiN Weapons

Auto Magnum
Assault Rifle
Scatter Gun
NPC Pistol
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Frag Grenade
Flare Gun

SiN Env FX

An entity that causes damage to all other entities within it's radius
An entity that can perform screen/audio fades

SiN Containers

 !DONT USE (CHANGE to prop_oxygen_tank_large)
 !DONT USE (CHANGE to prop_oxygen_tank_small)
 !DONT USE (CHANGE TO prop_mutagen_barrel)
Explosive Antigen Barrel
Oxygen Tank (Large)
Oxygen Tank (Small)
Acetyline Tank
Mutagen Leaking Barrel
Antigen Canister
Exploding Barrel

SiN Payphone

VGUI Phone

SiN Actions

An action that represents an entity looking at something, such as the player looking at an NPC

SiN Dynamic difficulty trigger

A trigger volume that marks expected data when the player trips this trigger for the dynamic difficulty system to use

SiN Secret trigger

A trigger volume that marks a secret area so the game can track them

SiN Player Control

A Player Control Entity that can be toggled, thrust forward/backward and side-to-side

SiN Radio Message

Entity for sending police radio messages from friendly npcs to the player.
Takes a speaker, message, and a priority. Inputs allow changing these variables, and Dispatch issues the message.


Entity used to get information about the challenge system

Wrap Up

That about wraps it up for the Entities used in SiN Episodes. I would also like to add a tutorial on how to setup hammer for Sin Episodes however i think their SDK is broken or close to it i cant be sure just yet. As i mentioned earlier, if i missed anything or if something is incorrect please feel free to correct it :) --Jenkins08 06:21, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

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