Shredded Sails

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Shredded Sails


This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Shredded Sails is a multiplayer Half-Life 2 modification. It was developed by Teravision Games for two main purposes:

  • Display our abilities to develop next gen assets.
  • To have a sample of our capacity to work with a next gen game engine.


In the options menu you can choose from four different new characters (the first four in the player model list):

  • Mina (female_01.mdl)
  • Hordoll (Male_01.mdl)
  • Guards (Male02.mdl and Male_03.mdl)


Right now you can play in two versions of the same map:

  • ss_towers_day
  • ss_towers_night


Ss image1.jpg Ss image2.jpg Ss image3.jpg Ss image4.jpg Ss image5.jpg


Download (138 MB)

Future development

Shredded Sails has served its initial purpose but we are thinking of continuing its development. For example, we would like to add new custom weapons, our own custom HUD, more assets and more maps, as well as a new interesting gameplay.

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