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setinfo is a console command that creates a new console variable. The variable and its value will be preserved across map loads, and (possibly to your downfall) game saves. There doesn't seem to be a way to mark one as a cheat.

To do: Can it be used for commands too, in some way?


setinfo VAR VALUE

If you wanted to make a variable to count how many NPCs you kill, you could type setinfo mykills 0. (Or you can set it to any impressive number ;) )

mykills would become a variable just like anything else, such as sv_pure.

Note.png Note: The variables are not limited to numbers. You can store words, too.

Convar VAR is already registered but not as user info value

If you see this in the console, it means you tried to set a console variable that already exists, such as sv_cheats.

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