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This SP mod for Half-Life 2 is no longer being developed.

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   This Mod is Currently on HOLD. Since 6-10-10

<Half-Life 2> Have you ever sat down and thought about "Life"? have you ever just thought of what you are, what every thing is, and that this that you see every day isn't just a TV show or another video game? that your life is just video that never ends, that what you are is Real? That your life really issut being controlled by someone? for Gordon Freeman this happened to him a lot. but after his vacation was rudely disrupted by a unusual catastrophe he realizes what life really is. and why he was put on earth for. ...Let the games Begin...


  • intense action fights
  • scary split second scenes
  • 10 hour long story


Mod Leader: Dilean Barroso [dillodude94]

Coding: Dilean Barroso


Misc Jovanni Vera


  • Soon to come... Eventualy :)

screen shots


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