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SMOD is a single player mod of Valve's first-person shooter Half-Life 2. The new content consists of many new NPC's and weapons, new gamemodes, comprehensive customization and tweaking options, new abilities for the player, and new features to the gameplay, such as level randomization and simple branching in the otherwise linear flow of the main episodes.

New features and abilities

New Weapons

SMOD adds over 20 weapons to the single player game, as well as custom weapon scripts that can import weapons from other source engine games such as Counter-Strike, or create new ones from scratch. Most weapons now allow you to look down the sights when a key is pressed while holding them. This can affect other aspects of the game, such as speed of movement and accuracy. This will not work if the weapon doesn't have any sights.

Bullet Time

Bullet Time slows the game environment, making physics, enemy reactions, and even bullets move at an extremley slow pace. It also produces visual effects that are similar to the ones in F.E.A.R Bullet time drains the player's Auxiliary power, much like the flashlight or sprinting, but at a much faster pace.

Gordon's Kick

A melee attack possibly inspired by a similar move in the game Duke Nukem 3D. The move is fully integrated into the physics engine, so if you kick an object, it will be sent flying. the strength of the kick varies depending on the inertia of the player and the kick_powerscale setting. Unbeknownst to some is the ability to create a "combine ball" by repeatedly using the gordon kick and stopping after approximately 10 quickly executed kicks. The combine ball can then be kicked at enemies.

New NPCs

Such as the attack drone, rebel Combine troops, Houndeyes, fully working stalkers, optically camouflaged troops, and 'super combine' with high-jump capabilities. Combine soldiers can be set to use energy-based riot shields which block bullets and add to game difficulty. Combine troops can now randomly appear with coloured armor, which allows them to take a huge amount of damage. Any human NPC can use most of the new weapons the mod adds to the game.

Enhanced Visual Effects

SMOD adds many new tweaks and improvements to the graphics of the Source Engine. A few examples of the new effects that can be seen are: Motion Blur, dynamic muzzle fire lighting, focusing effects, and greatly improved particle effects.

New Functionality

Many weapons and objects can be used in new ways with SMOD. For example the crowbar can now be thrown at enemies with secondary fire, and props in a level can now be replicated and manipulated, similar to garry's mod, and used for various purposes.

New Events and Plot Content

Examples include the skippable episode, "Where's my Boat?" and The CP who says "pick up the can" burning to death because the can has been replaced with a gas tank.


The mod adds several visceral features, such as new blood decals, twitching bodies, spurting blood from fatal wounds that splashes onto nearby objects, and gibbing (with edible gibs that increase health). These options can be switched off to reduce the gore level for a more sensitive audience.


Every aspect of the mod is easy to modify with console commands and cfg files. This makes it simple for modders to use Smod as a base for their own mods, however it has not been confirmed if the Smod team will allow releases of Smod mods.

Addon files

These allow almost any Source map to be made into a singleplayer level, placing NPCs, items and props at predetermined or random places throughout the map, setting conditions for victory, and a lot more.

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