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Each shot in a session must have a unique name. When you import an updated shot into session A that already contains a shot with that name, you'll get the option to replace the entire shot, or to replace (or add) individual elements of that shot. If you want to add a shot to session A instead of replacing an existing shot, make sure the shot you want to add doesn't have the same name as any shot in your current session A.

To replace one shot with another from a different session:

  1. Follow the procedure in Importing a second session in the Element Viewer.
  2. Make sure the timeline is in Clip Editor mode.
  3. Expand the clip in the miscBin, and then expand subClipTrackGroup, tracks, Film, and children. Find the new shot; it must have the same name as the shot you want to copy elements into.
  4. Drag the new shot from the miscBin onto the filmstrip. Click Replace existing clips with dragged clips in the dialog box.
  5. If the shots don't match in duration, you'll see another dialog box that will ask you whether you want to change the duration of the sequence or keep the duration of the original shot. Choose the option you prefer.

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