SFM/Rendering in stereoscopic 3D

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To render a given scene in stereoscopic 3D (side by side):

  1. After you finish your animation or picture click on File, click Export, click Movie..., or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M.
  2. In the lower left corner of the Export Movie... window, select More Options > > >.
  3. Click the Layoff Settings tab.
  4. In the Stereoscopic row check the checkboxes Render Stereoscopic.

When exporting a scene with this option enabled SFM will render left and right images after another. If an image sequence is exported SFM will create separate folder for left and right images.

When you click Export Movie your scene will be rendered at the selected resolution and frame rate and the output will be stereoscopic 3D.

Note.png Note: If you want to export an image sequence in 3D you have to choose TGA as the output format. It's the only one that seems to work at this time.

Both sides in a single file

If you want to export both the left and right frame to a single file instead of after another in case of a movie or separate files in case of an image sequence you have to check Single File (side by side) in the Layoff Settings tab before exporting your sequence.