Rendering at 1080p

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When the SFM exports your movie, its default is to render at 720p. This means that your movie will be 720 pixels high by 1280 pixels wide, which is a good resolution for most movies made with the SFM. If for some reason you want your movie to have a higher resolution, you can instead render at 1080p, which means a movie that is 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels wide.

If you want to render at 1080p, you must set the appropriate command-line startup option before you launch the SFM.

Note.png Note: Rendering at 1080p will take longer than rendering at 720p.

To render at 1080p:

  1. Quit the SFM if it's open.
  2. In Steam, right-click Source Filmmaker, click Properties, click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button, and add sfm_resolution 1080 to your command-line startup options.
  3. Launch the SFM.

You can also use this command-line switch in a command prompt or in a desktop shortcut.

If you want to change back to the default render setting of 720p, just remove sfm_resolution 1080 from your launch options.

Note.png Note: rendering at 1080p requires that your monitor display resolution be higher than 1080p so the screen space ambient occlusion can work.

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