Recording multiplayer gameplay

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You can record gameplay with multiple players, but only if each player's machine is currently running the SFM.

When you record gameplay with multiple players, all players connect to the machine of the host player, who is the player recording the action. The host player's machine acts as a server.

The host player loads the map. All players go into gameplay mode in the SFM to get into position. Then, the host player exits gameplay mode, starts the recording, and signals the other players when it's time to start the action. While the take is being recorded, the players can play as normal.

How to set the server and record gameplay with multiple players:

  1. Host must have the necessary ports opened (usually TCP/UPD 27015) without any firewall. Can be used a VPN instead.
  2. Host enters 'sv_lan 0' into the console in game
  3. Make sure each player is currently running the SFM.
  4. Make sure each player is connected to the same server.
  5. Have the host player load the map.
  6. In the SFM, have each player (except the host player) bring up the console window by clicking Console on the Windows menu, or by pressing the open single-quotation mark ` (underneath the tilde ~). Then, type connect SFM_host_machine, where SFM_host_machine is the name (or IP) of the machine you want to use to record the take.
  7. Have everyone go into game mode F11 and get into places for the take.
  8. Have the host player exit game mode F11 and start the recording.
  9. Have the host player signal the rest of the players when it's time to start the action (after the final beep).
  10. When the take is finished, have the host player stop the recording.

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