Manipulating the timeline

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You can use the buttons in the upper-right corner of the timeline to lock the playhead (so the playhead moves over the filmstrip, instead of the filmstrip moving under the playhead); enable or disable frame snapping and edge snapping; determine whether the playback plays once, loops, or bounces (plays backward and forward in a loop); mute playback; and set options.

Command Shortcut
Play or pause (toggle) Press Spacebar, or click the play button in the viewport.
Play only the selected shot Press Ctrl+Spacebar
Scrub through time Drag the top of the playhead, or drag the filmstrip
Pan the filmstrip and playhead left or right Drag the bottom of the playhead
Zoom in and out (around the playhead) Rotate the mouse wheel
Go to previous shot Press
Go to next shot Press
Scrub left one frame Press
Scrub right one frame Press
Go to beginning of filmstrip Press Home
Go to end of filmstrip Press End
Set filmstrip to the out point of the last shot Press Alt+O
Set filmstrip to the in point of the first shot Press Alt+I
Toggle between the Clip Editor and either the Motion Editor or the Graph Editor (whichever you were most recently in) Press Tab

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