Importing game animation

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You can import animation clips from TF2 into animation sets. This means you can give your characters familiar animation movements from the game, and you can modify those movements.

To import game animation into a model's animation set:

  1. In the Animation Set Editor, right-click the model's animation set, click Import, and click Sequence.
  2. In the Select Sequence/Activity dialog box, choose a sequence from the top drop-down (where it currently says ref).
  3. For animations with sliders, adjust the various sliders the way you want them. For example, the move_x slider sets the speed in a running sequence.
  4. Click Open.

Now you can see the animation in the Motion Editor, and a line of green dots indicating the model's 3D motion path through your scene. You can translate and rotate the model to line up its movement the way you want.

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