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Dota 2 SFM Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import my standalone SFM session into the Dota 2 SFM?
There is no straightforward path for migrating sessions between different versions of the SFM. The standalone SFM and Dota 2 SFM are built on different versions of the engine, and all asset types have changed significantly. Exporting animation between versions of the SFM should be possible, however.

Should I switch from the standalone SFM to the Dota 2 SFM?
If you're starting a new Dota short, then you will most likely find the Dota 2 SFM easier and faster than the standalone SFM. If you're creating a short in any other universe, you will likely find the standalone SFM better suits your needs. If you're in the middle of creating a Dota short in the standalone SFM, then you'll have to decide whether it's worth switching, but remember that you'll have to recreate much of your short from scratch in Dota 2 SFM, since there is no straighforward migration path.

Will the Dota 2 SFM replace the standalone SFM?
No. The version of the SFM in Dota 2 will stay in Dota 2, alongside Hammer, the Particle Editor, and the other tools. There are currently no plans for it to ship as a new application, and it will not replace the existing standalone SFM application.

I've found a bug, how do I report it?
You can post bugs to the Dota 2 Dev SFM Forum, or the SFM Discussion Forum. The SFM Team reads both of those forums for common problems and suggestions. Please include screenshots and reproduction steps as appropriate, so the team can find and fix your problem. In addition, community members may know of workarounds to your problem.

Where can I find the release notes for ongoing updates?
While the new Dota 2 and SFM are in beta (aka the Reborn update), release notes for day to day updates will be here:

How do I add and use custom sounds?
You can put your custom mp3 and wav files under your content directory, and they'll be automatically compiled into vsnd files under your game directory. It'll look something like this: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\content\dota_addons\MY_ADDON_NAME\sounds\MY_SOUNDS\MY_SOUND_FILE.wav

How do I select transform controls under the transform manipulator?
In general, the easiest way is to press Q to switch to selection mode, which hides the transform manipulator, select the control and then press W (or E or R) to return to translation mode. (or rotation mode or screen mode) In many cases, you don't need to switch modes, and you can simply start a drag selection just outside the manipulator, (which hides the manipulator), and you can drag select around the control.