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Why does my camera not move sometimes in the viewport?

The camera might be animated. For more information, see "The scene camera and the viewport," in Cameras overview.

I exited game mode with Alt+Tab ; how do I get my mouse pointer back?

You have to exit game mode with F11 before you can move your mouse pointer in movie mode.

Why does my animation stop too soon?

You may need to make your shot longer. For more information, see Manipulating shots.

How can I move a gun to the position of a character's hand?

Lock the gun to the hand, use the Zero preset on the gun's animation, and unlock the gun. For more information, see Working with locks and List of procedural presets.

How can I make a gun follow a hand's existing animation?

Lock the gun to the hand, use the Playhead preset on the gun's animation, and unlock the gun. For more information, see Working with locks and List of procedural presets.

How can I get my models and maps to work with the SFM?

If you want to use additional models or maps, beyond those that come with the SFM, recompile them first. This includes any models or maps from Team Fortress 2, or any other Source game. For information about compiling models, see Compiling a model. For information about compiling maps, see Saving and Compiling.

How can I animate the scene camera orbiting around a character?

Select the camera, place the pivot on the character, and use the rotation manipulator to move the camera in a circle around the character. For more information, see The screen manipulator and The rotation manipulator.

Why is there a white line across my viewport, and why does it look washed out??

Your computer does not meet the Source Filmmaker's minimum requirements.

Why am I seeing speckles (noisy shadows) in my scene, and how can I make them go away?

SSAO speckles (click to see)

What you're seeing is a preview of ambient occlusion, which is a lighting technique that simulates certain aspects of real-world light and shadow. Leaving it on means that your rendered movie will have a more realistic look. But if you want to, you can turn it off in the render settings by right-clicking in the viewport.

To be noticeably smoothed out, ambient occlusion requires at least 64 samples of depth of field.

Alternatively, you may disable ambient occlusion by right-clicking in the viewport, clicking "rendering settings", and un-ticking Ambient Occlusion. This will have the benefit of increasing the framerate of the viewports, as well as decreasing rendering times.

How can I publish my movie to YouTube?

On the File menu, click Sharing, and then click Publish Movie to YouTube and Steam. In the dialog box that comes up, type in your YouTube username and password. If you don't already have a YouTube account, click Create Account. Note that currently, the SFM does not support 2-step verification.

Why can't I run the SFM on my laptop?

The SFM requires a substantial gaming system to run well. Laptops with embedded graphics chips or small screens are unlikely to be able to run the SFM. For more information about minimum hardware requirements, see Installation. If your laptop has a powerful video chip that is capable of running other 3D software without any problems, check your driver settings; it is possible that it may have uncorrectly categorized the SFM as a "low performance" application.

How do I report a bug, ask a question, or make a suggestion?

Visit the forums, and if your bug, question, or suggestion is not listed there, you might create a new forum entry. For bugs, you can also file a bug report and send it to [email protected].

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