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You can launch the SFM directly from Steam, as you would any other game. If you like, when you launch the SFM, you can use certain command-line switches, such as for loading a specific session or for loading a file that specifies certain movie settings or render settings. To do this, in Steam, right-click Source Filmmaker, click Properties, click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button, and use one or more of the following command-line switches:

-sfm_loadsession filePath\sessionFile

-sfm_moviesettings filePath\movieSettingsFile

-sfm_rendersettings filePath\renderSettingsFile


  • filePath is the complete path of the file
  • sessionFile is the complete name of the session file, including the extension
  • movieSettingsFile is the complete name of the movie settings file, including the extension
  • renderSettingsFile is the complete name of the render settings file, including the extension


-sfm_loadsession C:\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\usermod\elements\sessions\Session2.dmx

You can also use these switches in a command prompt or in a desktop shortcut.

Raising shadow map resolution

-sfm_shadowmapres XXXX

The default is 2048, possible values are powers of two: 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192.


  • -cmd
  • -dev
  • -fakemocap
  • -game - Sets the "game mod" SFM uses. The default is usermod.
  • -hushasserts
  • -insecure - Disables VAC protection. (Not that SFM uses it, however...)
  • -min
  • -mocap - Makes some mocap features in SFM appear.
  • -monitortexturesize - Size of RT_camera monitor textures. The default is 256.
  • -noassert
  • -nop4 - Disables Perforce in SFM.
  • -noqtpickers
  • -nostartwizard - SFM won't show the "New session"/"Open recent session" window when it starts.
  • -nosteam - Launch SFM without Steam.
  • -no3dviewport
  • -particle_perf
  • -qtresetsettings
  • -qtstylesheet
  • -qtvideo
  • -reflectiontexturesize - Size of water reflection textures. The default is 1024.
  • -rgb
  • -rgba
  • -sfm_autolayoff
  • -sfm_guardband
  • -sfm_layoffframerange
  • -sfm_layoffshotlist
  • -sfm_layoffshotrange
  • -sfm_loadsession
  • -sfm_moviesettings
  • -sfm_noautosave - Disables autosaving.
  • -sfm_noload
  • -sfm_rendersettings
  • -sfm_resolution - Change the maximum resolution SFM can render. You can learn more about this launch option here.
  • -sfmcomicmaker - Enables the unfinished comic-maker in SFM.
  • -sfmscripting
  • -sixense - Requires -mocap to be present to work.
  • -tools
  • -useqtport
  • -usevgui - Allows SFM to use the "classic" engine window GUI.
  • -vccon
  • -vccon2
  • -vguimessages

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