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The recent engine update potentially broke mod development tools in Steam. If your mod is based on a game other than Half-Life 2, this update causes your mod to run on the new engine. Running the SDK Launcher causes binaries to be copied from the old version of the engine cache.
Note:"other than Half-Life 2" includes HL2DM

Until the problem is fixed with an SDK update, use the following workaround:

  1. Run the game which your mod is based on and exit.
  2. Make sure the SDKLauncher app is not running.
  3. Go to that game's \bin directory.
  4. Copy all files, excluding TrackerNET.dll and TrackerUI.dll.
  5. Paste these files in your username\sourcesdk\bin directory.

Warning: All SDK tools must now be run from within explorer or from a command-line window; running the SDK Launcher app will cause this problem to occur again and these steps must be repeated.

Warning: This will also make the 2D views in Hammer disappear and the model browser will crash if you try to browse the models in Hammer. Shutting down Steam and restarting Hammer will fix the 2D view and model browser, however the ATI-cards are the worst, whereas before it was only affecting models, now it affects the entire 3D window.

Alternative fix for Hammer (which actually works)

Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Account_name\sourcesdk\bin\. Create a shortcut to hammer and put -dxlevel 80 in the command line like this : "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Account_name\sourcesdk\bin\hammer.exe" -dxlevel 80.

Running Hammer from this shortcut will correct the graphic error.

Windows X64 Unconfirmed reports about hammer not working at all for x64 users.