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Modding Creating, organizing and releasing your Source project
Level Design Maps are the 3D worlds where everything comes together
Programming A mod's C++ code defines the way its world and game rules behave
Scripting Scripting can be used for adding new functionality or logic to entities
Modeling Models are the detailed 3D objects that appear in the game world
Materials Textures and shaders are combined in Source to create materials
Sounds Quality audio adds a fourth dimension to your world
Particles Effects like smoke, sparks, blood and fire are created with particles
Choreography Direct your digital actors' performances with choreographed scenes
Filmmaker Create movies inside the Source Engine
Tutorials Step-by-step guides on a variety of topics
Technical In-depth discussion of Source's features
Glossary Explanations for terms you may encounter
Third-Party Tools Useful developer tools created by the community
I/O System The I/O system is the backbone of most levels in Source based games/mods