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This page is used to provide information on the latest Source SDK Beta releases.

Current Status

There is no active SDK Beta at this time. All users are currently running the release (non-Beta) version of the Source SDK automatically. Testers of the previous Beta SDK may wish to follow the instructions below to disable the Source SDK Beta if they wish to prevent automatic inclusion into the next Source SDK Beta.

Recent updates

Tuesday January 17th, 2006

The SDK Beta was released as the current Source SDK. Current Beta SDK users can follow the instructions below disable automatic SDK Beta updates.

Monday January 16th, 2006

SDK Updated. A list of fixes can be found on the SDK Beta Changelist.

Thursday January 5th, 2006

SDK Updated with many fixes reported by users. See the SDK Beta Changelist for more information.

Tuesday December 6th, 2005

There was an update to the Source SDK last evening, sorry for not announcing it quicker.

Changelog for December 6th SDK Update

Wed November 22nd, 2005

First release of the Source SDK Beta.

List of new features

Getting the Source SDK Beta

File:Beta sdk shortcut.jpg
Modifying a Steam shortcut to launch SDK Beta

To run this beta version you will need to add -beta sdk to your command line when you start Steam. This can be done by opening up the Windows shortcut you use to launch Steam and adding -beta sdk right after Steam.exe. Please report any bugs or issue you find in this article.

Important: You should also disable Steam from running automatically when Windows starts, to prevent it from running the non-beta SDK. To disable Steam from running automatically:

  1. Open the Steam window.
  2. Choose Settings from the File menu.
  3. Click on the Interface tab.
  4. Uncheck the Run Steam when Windows starts option.

Note: Be sure to run the game you wish to edit before running the SDK, to make sure you have the latest updates.

Current changelist

Known issues

Read about the current Known Issues with the SDK Beta on this page.

Bug reporting

To report any issues you find with the SDK beta (and not the regular standard SDK release), visit this article.

Switching back to the non-Beta SDK

You can revert back to the "non-Beta" standard SDK release by following these steps:

  1. Close the Source SDK panel and exit Steam if it's currently running.
  2. Open the Windows shortcut you use to launch Steam and remove -beta sdk.
  3. Launch Steam from the shortcut.
  4. Re-enable Run Steam when Windows starts option if desired.
  5. Choose Source SDK from the Steam window.
  6. Choose Refresh SDK Content from the Source SDK panel.
  7. Wait for the Source SDK panel to finish refreshing the SDK content with the standard SDK files.

See also

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