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Several significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to the Source SDK tools and source code (March 17 2009). See below for additional details and please note that this update does not include support for Left4Dead content creation. Support for Left4Dead will be included in a future update.

SDK Tools


  • The texture browser automatically ignores most textures that cannot be placed on brushes or displacements, as well as anything inside a .svn folder for those using svn as their choice of versioning software.
  • Added additional auto visgroups for sprites and cubemaps
  • Separated the VRAD calls into two sequential while using HDR (-ldr and –hdr) instead of –both
  • Model browser is now created once per session
  • Displacement brush dial now has greater range
  • Added a stop button to sound previews

SDK Launcher

  • Added the ability to edit game configurations with vconfig

Source Code

  • Added a new template mod that replaces the old ‘advanced’ source . This template has options for teams,classes, sprinting, prone, stamina, etc. When you create a mod with the wizard it will ask you which options to enable by default. Note: you must build the source. Users wishing to create only content should not use this option.
  • Added shader source; fxc.exe, psa.exe and vsa.exe must be placed into the dx9sdk\utilities folder and you must modify materialsystem\stdshaders\buildsdkshaders.bat to set your paths.
    Note.png Note: psa.exe and vsa.exe are no longer provided as of the latest (March 2009) DirectX SDK release. To obtain these tools, install the November 2008 release.
  • Most tonemap controller options now work in multiplayer. The ‘template mod’ map ‘sdk_teams_hdr’ demonstrates this.
  • All three mod types by default mount the required appids – Multiplayer uses 218 and mounts 320 for example. Gameinfo.txt contains a new entry ‘AdditionalAppId’ for this purpose.
  • Particle systems can now be defined with a per-map manifest, similar to soundscapes. Inside the particles folder you simply create particles_mapname.txt and declare your particle system files just like the regular manifest. Prefix with ! to cache automatically. Ex: "file" "!particles/mymap_effects.pcf"
  • Fixed a number of issues which caused the server to not compile in linux.

Multiplayer Source Code

  • Players animate with the new animation system that came along with TF2.
  • Fixed third person animations and all effects
  • Fixed SLAM issues
  • Fixed Use of UTIL_GetLocalPlayer on the server in various locations
  • Fixed a number of other bugs / asserts.

Singleplayer Source Code

  • Fixed a number of issues preventing the source from functioning correctly
  • Added new vehicle “hl2buggy” so that users may have both the charger and the old buggy.