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== Dedicated server ==
== Dedicated server ==
For more information see [https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1323565 this thread] and [https://docs.google.com/document/d/12WG0Tmws0T_00w9bakjfy39mr3ASxOQRtATt2KWFSi8/ this document].
=== Installation ===
=== Installation ===
*Install [[SteamCMD]]
*Install [[SteamCMD]]

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Rust is a survival game created by Facepunch Studios.

Dedicated server

For more information see this thread and this document.


  • Start SteamCMD
    • Log in with your Steam account
    • Run app_update 258550

Configuration & running

You can run the Rust DS with ./rust_server -batchmode (Linux) or rust_server.exe -batchmode (Windows).

Command line parameters

The startup command can be appended with the following startup parameters:

switch default description
-datadir Save/undefined/ The folder in which to save data
-hostname Untitled Rust Server The name of the server
-maxplayers 500 The maximum amount of players allowed
-port 28015 The port to connect to
-map rust_island_2013 The map to load
-cfg A config file to load (e.g. cfg/myserverconfig.cfg)
-ip IP address to bind to (doesn't work well yet)

For example:

./rust_server -batchmode -hostname "My Server" -port 28015 -datadir "serverdata/"

Console parameters

When the server is up and running, you can issue the following commands:

command description
status Outputs the general status of the server. Connected players etc.
say <stuff> Will speak something into everyone's console.
find * List all console commands
rcon.password Set the rcon password for clients to use (using rcon.login <password>)
kick <username> Kicks a user. Username can be the first few letters of a username, or a steamid.
ban <username> As above - but just bans the user from the server (doesn’t kick)
banid <steamid> Bans a userid from the server
unbanall Unbans everyone from the server
server.hostname <hostname> Sets the hostname
server.clienttimeout <int> How long until an unresponsive client times out (default 2 mins)
server.pvp <bool> Enable/Disable pvp mode (default true)
sleepers.on <bool> Enable/Disable sleepers (default true)
quit Quits the server nicely (saving the level and all avatars before leaving)


To use RCON (Remote CONsole), join the server and press F1 to open the console. Then type:

rcon.login <password>

You can now any command as in #Console parameters.

Ban list

Banned users will be stored in cfg/banlist.cfg.