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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.

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Remember the good old days with Rocket Crowbar, when you could throw a rocket from your crowbar, use gravity grenades to suck enemies (and sometimes yourself) in, and fire scientists from your shotgun?

Now, it's evolved and upgraded.

  • Silly multiplayer action, full of stressed out situations
  • Tons of goofy weapons
  • RC2 will be making use of the new physics engine more than before

Current features


  • Rocket Crowbar. Yes, it's in and it is working pretty well!
  • Two gravity grenades:
    • Repel Grenade. Explodes in a pushing wave, sending anything around it flying! Cars aren't good cover anymore.
    • Orbit Grenade. Instead of exploding, it starts disobeying the laws of physics, hovering up into the blue sky above. Not only that, it attracts most objects, be them heavy, light or a not-so-careful player, and brings them up with it! Warning for harsh landings. Try stacking a few of them together...
  • Constant laser tripmine: Fires out a laser which will burn any players who come into contact with it
  • Pulse laser tripmine: Fires out a powerful laser every 5 seconds which will instantly kill the player
  • Repel Satchel/SLAM: Same as the grenade except you can trigger it, great for traps!
  • The Incinerator: A Satchel/SLAM which sets all nearby objects on fire... including players.
  • Scientist Shotgun: Fires a scientist ragdoll at your foes! And man, they hurt.. Secondary fire fires a scientist on fire (Fire! Fire!) which explodes after a few seconds.
  • The Heavy Duty Physcannon: Cars...
  • Ninja Rope: Worms style! Can even pull objects towards you for broader ways of use... just watch out for the walls!


  • RC_Deathcube - Inspired by the classic killbox, this box can really be filled with death, with four boulder traps and lots of ways to combine the RC weapons with mass killing..

Other features

  • When pushed too hard into a wall, you get hurt!
  • Gravity gun can push players


The Mod DB has a lot of screenshots. [1]

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