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This MP mod for Half-Life 2 is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.

Ricochet: Source is a third party mod whose aim is to port Valves Ricochet over to the Source engine, and hopefully in the future further expand upon the games concept and gain more interest for the Ricochet game as a whole.

Totally third party

Ricochet: Source is a third party modification, and is not developed by it's original creator Valve Software. The MOD will be free but will require Half-Life 2 and Source SDK Base to play. Ricochet: Source is developed on a licensed version of the Half Life 2 Multiplayer Source Code ([Licensing Valve Technology|Not fully licensed]).

Closed Alpha & upcoming release

An alpha is currently running in the SupportWiki Translation Forums. This is private as only members of the SupportWiki team can download the MOD. Members of the translation team have generally enjoyed the modification. Later in July (this month) the website will be reopened after a long downtime. The website opening will coincide with the MOD's initial release.

Project status

The MOD is in a healthy state. There are some bugs but most of the Ricochet functionality is coded in.

The new team

  • Christopher "cyoung" Young - Leading, mapping, modelling.
  • Dyaln "Miniati" - Mapping, skinning.
  • Klein - Mapping.

The old team

This is the old team back in 2006. All of these people provided large contributions to help develop the first versions of Ricochet: Source. Virtually all of the people below have drifted away from the MOD. I think Skave is still around =).

  • Laurence "LozH" Herbert - Leading.
  • Jimmy "denzil" Headdon - Planning, Development and Assets.
  • Chris "RomeoJGuy" Harris - [Code] Jump, Disc, Powerups, Bots, Teamplay (Gamemode), Deathmatch (Gamemode) and parts of the Arena gamemode.
  • Bill "jb55" Casarin - [Code] Fall, Spawn protection.
  • Jesse "SideEffect" LeBlanc - [Modeling] Disc, Pad, Pad arrows, Pyramids and Skybox.
  • Kai "SkaveRat" de Haan - [Mapping] Many maps. Including rc_arena, rc_deathmatch1, rc_deathmatch2.
  • Brittany "Pezzle" Pezzillo - [Concept Art] Concept art work (internal).

Current team

Development timeline

  • (06) => Domain and server setup.
  • (06) => Initial LUA coding in [[Garry's Mod]9. This was done to see how aspects of Ricochet such as the jump would handle in Source.
  • (06) => Development forums setup (private).
  • (06) => Denzil from Black Mesa Source joins the MOD, helps me out with planning development of the MOD in an organized fashion.
  • (06) => Two Subversion servers are setup. One to host the compiled game files and one to host the uncompiled source code.
  • (06) => SkaveRat joins. Does some initial mapping in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.
  • (06) => Several concept art pieces are completed by Pezzel.
  • (06) => RomeoJGuy (Coding) and SideEffect (Modeling) join.
  • (06) => Website opens.
  • (06 - Late) => Project steams ahead, a lot of work done, many strange and odd ideas planned, many fun alpha tests occur.
  • (06 - Christmas) => Project begins to slow, some team members disappear. Site is pulled down.
  • (07 - New Year) => Most members are gone. Project halted.
  • (07 - June) => Project restarted.
  • (07 - July) => Alpha released to SupportWiki translation team.
  • (09 - December) => Project resumed with new team.
  • (10 - January) => Alpha 1.1 released.

Join Ricochet: Source

Ricochet: Source is a very different modification and has a widely different gameplay to other Source MOD'S. It is an interesting and fun MOD to develop and hopefully over time will gain some popularity. If you have skills in any area feel free to contact me (Laurence Christopher Young) at:

I will also be happy to answer any questions in the "Talk" section of this article.

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