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In rare cases, such as missing Hammer tools located off-screen after a resolution switch, you'll need to restore the Hammer options settings to the defaults. This is done by using RegEdit or Reg to delete the Hammer settings from the Windows Registry.

Warning.png Warning: Improper use of RegEdit can corrupt the Windows Registry and render your operating system unusable. Be careful when using this tool.
Note.png Note: Following this procedure will reset all Hammer preferences. Game Configurations will be left intact and can be reset separately.

To use Reg to reset Hammer preferences:

  1. Press Win+R, enter this command then:
  2. reg delete HKCU\Software\Valve\Hammer /f
  3. Press Enter, The Hammer preferences should be reseted.

To use RegEdit to reset Hammer preferences:

  1. Close the Hammer editor if it's currently running.
  2. From the Start Menu, choose Run... .
  3. Type regedit and click OK.
  4. Scroll to the top of the tree list on the left.
  5. Expand the tree to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Hammer.
  6. Back up the current Hammer settings by right-clicking the Hammer folder icon and click Export.
  7. Type a filename (eg. hammer_settings.reg) and save it to your desktop.
  8. Right-click the Hammer folder icon and select Delete.
  9. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
  10. Close Regedit and launch Hammer and the settings will be reset.
Note.png Note: Check to see if there is any problems with the Hammer interface before deleting the settings backup file from the desktop. If you wish to restore the old settings from the backup file, simply double-click the file on the desktop and import the settings back in.