Releasing a map for CS:GO

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To release a map for <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> CS:GO you need to do:

  1. Launch CS:GO.
  2. Start your map.
  3. Make a beautiful screenshot press F12.
  4. Quit to main menu.
  5. Open the console press `.
  6. Write here workshop_publish.
  7. Click Map.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Write a title and description.
  10. Choose the image of the map (screenshot you made) and game modes.
  11. Click Browse and choose the BSP file
  12. Clack I have read and accept Contribution Blah-blah
  13. Click Publish
  14. Write I Understand.
  15. Clack OK.
  16. Wait few seconds.
  17. Done!

5L052JE.png gK8Khgv.jpg V3nhVpF.jpg xlkXkHL.jpg 4QpmC4e.jpg