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In Source, a Reference mesh (sometimes body, envelope or skin) defines some or all of a model's rendered geometry and its skeleton. A model needs at least one reference mesh or it will not be visible in the world and will not be able to animate properly.


UV maps
The UV map defines how the mesh's material is deformed to fit it.
Levels of detail
A reference mesh is commonly replaced by lower-detail meshes at distances with $lod to improve performance. See LOD Models.
A reference mesh is enveloped to the bones of a model's skeleton to allow for animation.
Weight maps
See weight map.


There are three QC commands related to reference meshes:

A basic reference mesh.
A reference mesh with facial animation.
A reference mesh or group of reference meshes that can be switched between or off.
$lod replacemodel
A low-detail reference mesh that replaces another at the $lod's specified distance and above.