Radio console commands (Counter Strike: Source)

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List of radio console commands

Very same commands which you can find behind radio1, radio2 and radio3 menu.

Radio commands menu in Counter-Strike: Source

Console commands Chat phrases
coverme Cover Me!
takepoint You take the point.
holdpos Hold This position.
regroup Regroup Team.
followme Follow Me.
takingfire Taking fire...need assistance!
go Go go go!
fallback Team, fall back!
sticktog Stick together, team.
getinpos Get in position and wait for my go.
stormfront Storm the Front!
report Report in, team.
roger Roger that.
enemyspot Enemy spotted.
needbackup Need backup.
sectorclear Sector clear.
inposition I'm in position.
reportingin Reporting in.
getout Get out of there, it's gonna blow!
negative Negative.
enemydown Enemy down.