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To do: Article needs to be cleaned up and completed as soon as possible.
r_drawclipbrushes is a console command that shows the current clip brushes of current level in-game. For more information about clip brushes, see Tool Textures > Clips.

Note:This console command requires sv_cheats 1 to work.
Note:Command parameters are described inside the < and > characters.

Syntax: r_drawclipbrushes <boolean>

  • 0 - None.
  • 1 - Shows clip brushes in wireframe.
  • 2 - Shows clip brushes, filled in.
  • 3 - Shows grenade clip brushes. <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>
Color Clip brush Notes
Red Normal Clip Other derivatives of normal clip brushes (e.g: Concrete Clip) will always show in red. (<Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> only)
Purple NPC Clip
Pink Player Clip
Green Grenade Clip Works on r_drawclipbrushes 1 or 3 only. (<Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> only)
Cyan Drone Clip <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>Counter-Strike: Global Offensive exclusive only. To do: Clarify this drone clip row.

To do: What is the color of clip brush of Stairs Clip<INFRA> when this console command is enabled?