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So you have your character lip syncing perfectly, but he or she is just staring blankly at you. You need too animate the facial muscles contained within the model.

Starting out

First up you need to create a choreography scene, so navigate to Choreography->New... And when it asks you to create a new actor choose the name that's displayed in the bottom right hand corner.


You will now be presented with this in the choreography tab, this is your work area that you will use to create a scene for source to play back in the game.


Right click on gman_high and you will be presented with a list menu, select New->Channel.. and enter audio, and then repeat the process and enter another channel and call this flex_face.


Flex face.jpg

Audio needs to be added to the audio channel, so right click on audio, just like you did with gman_high and find your newely created sound and add it to the choreography work area.


Then add flex animation in the same way you added audio to your work area, you may need to move the flex animation bar to cover the audio event.


A usefull tip is to enable "All tools drive mouth" it's hidden away in the control panel, you can find it here.


You now have everything ready to start animating, make sure the flex_face bar is selected then open up the flex animation tab, you will be presented with this screen.


Each description in the dialogs relate to a facial muscle that you can manipulate, to start manipulating double click on a muscle in the dialog and a more detailed view of that muscle will be shown, to add "keyframe" points hold control and left click in anypoint of the opened muscle and it will add a keyframe to the timeline.


As shown FacePoser will smooth out the time line for you, now all that is needed for you to-do is add more keyframe points and you will have a superbly animated character in no time.


Hint: This green time bar can be manually slid just hold down left mouse button and drag.