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(Created page with "{{ent not in fgd}} {{csgo point|prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump}} {{DZupdate}} {{note|Prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump is exojumps and if you enter ent_create prop_weapon_upgrade_exoj...")
(let's assume people know that ent_create works as normal)
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{{ent not in fgd}}
{{ent not in fgd}}
{{csgo point|prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump}} {{DZupdate}}
{{csgo point|prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump}} {{DZupdate}} Exojumps.
{{note|Prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump is exojumps and if you enter ent_create prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump in console,you can spawn exojumps.}}

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<Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> prop_weapon_upgrade_exojump is a point entity available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It's one of many new entities added with the Danger Zone update. Exojumps.